Thursday, May 28, 2015


The West is at war with Islam. How do we know?  The Muslims tell us so. Our denials have no bearing on the reality of this. Muslims are under a Qur'anic mandate to "make war with the kafir until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the Jizyah and feel themselves subdued" (see Q9:5).

Most Muslim groups in America are organized and run by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose motto is
"Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader: the Qur'an is our law: Jihad is our way: dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope". When members are sworn in, they do so on a Qur'an and a pistol. This is NOT a "largely secular non-violent group" as James Clapper stated before Congress on Feb 10, 2011.

Their stated goal is to impose the Shari'a on us and establish the world-wide Caliphate. It's quite simple and straight forward. To understand this is not to "validate the Jihadi's view of Islam and give them a victory" as Louis Safay implies. It is to correctly understand  the threat we face and name our enemy properly. Once we do this, we can formulate a strategy to counteract the threat.

The first thing we need to do is root out the Muslim Brotherhood, its personnel and its front groups from the body politic.  This means from the government and the myriad of "interfaith dialogue" groups, and the Universities, especially the MSA.  This would mean rounding up thousands of domestic Jihadis and closing thousands of Mosques and front groups that recruit, indoctrinate and train young Americans to become Jihadis and that bribe and influence our legislators and civic leaders around the country.

It's not rocket science. But to continue to flounder in political correctness, saying these people are "only practicing their religion" and giving them a free pass is to commit national and civilizational suicide!

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