Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another "Big Picture"

Immigrants are flooding into the US under the auspices of the Administration. Why? They are building their "coalition of dependency" to make the United States a single party dictatorship such as we saw in the 1940's in Argentina where Juan and Eva Peron turned a prosperous Argentina into a populist basket case.  The power and control of the Federal Government will extinguish the last vestiges of individual liberty. This will include the decision to have children (someday soon you will need government permission and a permit), faith (churches will be outlawed and will go underground as in China) and of course gun control. (Soon Federal Officers will be conducting house to house searches for firearms to find those who did not "voluntarily" turn in their weapons).

These imported illegal aliens are unemployable, untrainable, and will be a massive burden on the country for the rest of their lives. But, living in government housing and subsisting on government checks, they will be reliable Democrat voters.

 There will be a massive wealth transfer to these people from the white middle class, which will be destroyed. But the church ladies and the clergy will say "think of the poor" and the Marxists will snarl "selfish racist nativist" if anyone tries to stop this Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down America.

The Catholic church thinks that it will be strengthened by these illegal aliens, assuming that most will be from Latin America.  They are wrong. The importations, under the OIC and the UN will be from Muslim countries. As they grow in number, so will the Mega Mosques and the hostile enclaves. Once the number surpasses 40 million, the violent Jihad will start, turning America into Syria. Churches will be attacked and destroyed as we are seeing in the Middle East today.

And what is the public response to these threats?  "Honey, if you'll order the pizza I'll pick up a six pack on the way home, and we can watch the game tonight."

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