Saturday, May 30, 2015

More Mechanisms By Which the White Middle Class Will Be Destroyed

  • As the illegal aliens flood in, they will be allocated to the conservative areas of the country. Let's use Douglas County in Colorado as an example. The Feds will allocate 100,000 families and demand that the County provide housing.
  • The projects will be situated in the precincts such that the home owners will be outvoted and disenfranchised. A ten fold increase in property taxes will be voted in to provide housing for "the poor".
  • This will lead to massive foreclosures and most of the housing stock will pass to the Government who in turn will establish Housing Authorities to administer housing. Such administrators will be political appointees, giving vast power to County Housing Officials who in turn will be appointed by the local Congressmen. And if you want to get on the 7 year waiting list for a two bedroom apartment, a contribution to the Congressman's campaign and another $1500 baksheesh payment to your Housing Authority Agent will be necessary.
  • Every two story house in Douglas County, such as those in Highlands Ranch, will be divided into apartments. Each home will be modified to have an apartment on each floor, tripling the population. Common areas will be neglected. Buildings become dilapidated, trash accumulates and gangs will prevail. Douglas County becomes Juarez.
  • It isn't "fair" that white people enjoy a retirement and others who stream across the border have nothing. Forget that retirees worked all their lives saving and delaying gratification to provide for themselves. Progressives dismiss this as "white privilege" or "good fortune".
  • Laws will be passed enabling the Federal Government to take over all retirement funds and reallocate retirement payments "fairly". Thus, EVERYONE is at the mercy of the "government check" receiving the same subsistence level payments.
  • The latest executive order claiming Federal jurisdiction over all the creeks, streams and rivers in America means that armed BLM agents will dismantle the irrigation systems. All the individualists in the country who stockpile food, firearms and ammunition with the intention of defying Federal authority will be deprived of water and starved into submission. If you want to feed your children, surrender, confess your sins, sign this document land place your hands behind your back.

Another "Big Picture"

Immigrants are flooding into the US under the auspices of the Administration. Why? They are building their "coalition of dependency" to make the United States a single party dictatorship such as we saw in the 1940's in Argentina where Juan and Eva Peron turned a prosperous Argentina into a populist basket case.  The power and control of the Federal Government will extinguish the last vestiges of individual liberty. This will include the decision to have children (someday soon you will need government permission and a permit), faith (churches will be outlawed and will go underground as in China) and of course gun control. (Soon Federal Officers will be conducting house to house searches for firearms to find those who did not "voluntarily" turn in their weapons).

These imported illegal aliens are unemployable, untrainable, and will be a massive burden on the country for the rest of their lives. But, living in government housing and subsisting on government checks, they will be reliable Democrat voters.

 There will be a massive wealth transfer to these people from the white middle class, which will be destroyed. But the church ladies and the clergy will say "think of the poor" and the Marxists will snarl "selfish racist nativist" if anyone tries to stop this Cloward-Piven strategy to bring down America.

The Catholic church thinks that it will be strengthened by these illegal aliens, assuming that most will be from Latin America.  They are wrong. The importations, under the OIC and the UN will be from Muslim countries. As they grow in number, so will the Mega Mosques and the hostile enclaves. Once the number surpasses 40 million, the violent Jihad will start, turning America into Syria. Churches will be attacked and destroyed as we are seeing in the Middle East today.

And what is the public response to these threats?  "Honey, if you'll order the pizza I'll pick up a six pack on the way home, and we can watch the game tonight."

Thursday, May 28, 2015


The West is at war with Islam. How do we know?  The Muslims tell us so. Our denials have no bearing on the reality of this. Muslims are under a Qur'anic mandate to "make war with the kafir until they submit to the Shari'a, pay the Jizyah and feel themselves subdued" (see Q9:5).

Most Muslim groups in America are organized and run by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose motto is
"Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader: the Qur'an is our law: Jihad is our way: dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope". When members are sworn in, they do so on a Qur'an and a pistol. This is NOT a "largely secular non-violent group" as James Clapper stated before Congress on Feb 10, 2011.

Their stated goal is to impose the Shari'a on us and establish the world-wide Caliphate. It's quite simple and straight forward. To understand this is not to "validate the Jihadi's view of Islam and give them a victory" as Louis Safay implies. It is to correctly understand  the threat we face and name our enemy properly. Once we do this, we can formulate a strategy to counteract the threat.

The first thing we need to do is root out the Muslim Brotherhood, its personnel and its front groups from the body politic.  This means from the government and the myriad of "interfaith dialogue" groups, and the Universities, especially the MSA.  This would mean rounding up thousands of domestic Jihadis and closing thousands of Mosques and front groups that recruit, indoctrinate and train young Americans to become Jihadis and that bribe and influence our legislators and civic leaders around the country.

It's not rocket science. But to continue to flounder in political correctness, saying these people are "only practicing their religion" and giving them a free pass is to commit national and civilizational suicide!


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