Monday, February 16, 2015

Egyptian Copts Executed on Beach in Libya


These are the Muslims who are convinced they are the vanguard of the Global Islamic Movement to re-establish the world-wide Caliphate. In accordance with their doctrine:
  • The lives of Kafirin (hated non-believers) are worthless
  • Their goal is to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with Islam
  • This is a continuation of the 1400 year old war with Islam and has NOTHING to do with our "crimes" in the Middle East, nor with Israel.
This means:
  • There is no co-existance with these people: only submission
  • The Progressive support of "Jihadi Cool" in the media is suicidal
  • Any young woman who travels to the Islamic State will be re-entering the Seventh Century as per family law and woman's rights
We don't need:
  • A Salafist sympathysing President who relies on Salafists to set our policies in regard to Islam
  • A Hillary Clinton who thinks we need to "empathise" with the Jihadis
  • A Progressive Media who are clueless as to the danger of Islam to Western Civilization, so hidebound are they with domestic issues. The Progressives support sodomy and other Progressive priorities and don't seem to grasp that ISIS tosses homosexuals off 11th story floors in Raqqa.

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