Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thoughts on American Sniper

The film made me think of my time on active duty during the Vietnam War. The professionals who wanted to stay in the military were caught in deployment after deployment with no end in sight and no hope, losing faith in the mission.

The hopelessness has been purposely engineered by our Progressive left wing Marxist leadership and the Muslim Brotherhood front groups who wish to gut and discredit our military. And it's virtually the same people now as it was then: the John Kerrys and Bill Ayres, etc., for whom Obama is the spokesperson.

The Marxist Left has always set up our troops for failure: the rules of engagement, the JAG and National Lawyers Guild agents patrolling the theatre of operations, taking "affidavits" from our enemies. We saw a nibbling of that when the hero was pulled in and grilled because "his father said he (the one shot) was only carrying a Qur'an!"  It's no accident the media  continually reports that our airstrikes only hit weddings and women and children, (even if they are throwing bombs as they did in the opening scene of the film).

Naturally the Progressive Marxist limousine liberals in their Manhattan salons will sniff platitudes like "killing women and children isn't who we are and is unacceptable under all circumstances!". ( Easy for someone to say if they've  never been in a combat environment)! 

In my own case, I talked to a Special Forces commander one time whose company was deep in bad guy country, lying in ambush, waiting for an NVA unit to move out of a particular village. ( sometimes you had to lay in ambush for days!)  Anyway, they were discovered by a village woman and her child. They had to cut their throats, lest they return to the village and give them away. His conscience bothered him, but it had to be done! 

It was the same dilemma in "Lone Survivor": an ambush team discovered by villagers. It's hard to see why the team didn't just tie them up, blind fold them, carry out the mission and evacuate. The villagers would have been discovered and freed eventually.

But the reality is: we haven't won a war since 1945. The reason is we allow our Progressive Marxist enemies free reign in the media to undermine our efforts without any response. And people say "well, we're fighting for freedom of the press."  But this is a wrong view.

  Warfare in the information battle space is no less a theatre of operations than the combat zones.  If we are to survive, we must not allow our enemies to utilize our media the way we do unanswered. Why do allow Alweed bin Talal to own a huge share of News Corporation?  If we won't allow foreign countries to own critical infrastructure, (Qatar's attempt to buy port facilities was refused a few years back) how much rather than control of the critical information flow?

If out society is to survive, we need to secure our society "inside the wire" (to use a military metaphor). Our first step needs to be to engage in the domestic media and the schools and  Universities, another source of  unopposed Marxist indoctrination.

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