Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Problem is NOT RACISM!

The instances of black on black and black on white crime is ignored by the Leftist in their attempt to foment a race war in the United States. The lap dog media is playing along and complicit.

But the elephant in the room is black behavior! Most Americans are afraid of young blacks and their violence. Who is it that rob the liquor stores? Who is it that practices "Pick Out Knock Out" where car loads of young black men drive around until they see a white victim (usually an elderly white person). They pull up, jump out of the car, beat the person senseless and jump back in the car and disappear laughing.

For the last 60 years America has bent over backwards trying to make opportunity for black Americans. And certainly, many have taken advantage of it. A growing black middle class has been the result. But for the bulk, this has not been true. The reason is black community mal-leadership from the Jessie Jackson and Earl Sharpton types!

These leaders continually emphasize black victimhood. This means the black community is doing nothing wrong and there's nothing they can do. Thus, the path to better themselves is to march on the capital and demand a middle class status without any effort on the part of the blacks themselves. The rub here is that young blacks are impatient, and vow to "just take our fair share" since the honkies are not forthcoming! That's why 30% of young blacks are involved in the Criminal Justice System.

But the reality is, the path to progress is individual action: stay in school! Acquire a saleable skill, get a job and join the mainstream! Thus, the emphasis to make blacks untouchable by passing laws tying the hands of law enforcement (which is the ultimate purpose of all the current demonstrations) is a misdirection.

The real direction should be to strengthen black families, churches and the community as a whole:
  • Change ADC to remove the financial incentive to be a poverty stricken single mom
  • Work with local churches to distribute family services and programs.  
  • Work with black leadership to foster individual responsibility. Dropping out of school at 13 and getting pregnant does have an effect on a person's prospects in life! 
  • Remove the stigma of getting good grades and working hard. Currently, if a youngster in high school studies hard and gets good grades, he's beaten and ostracized for "going white".   This is the key mores that black leadership needs to change.
Only then will there be improvement. The reason blacks remain at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder is their inability to take responsibility for their situation and start doing something to change it. To continually blame others and "racism" keeps blacks paralyzed.

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