Sunday, December 14, 2014

Passing of the Civilization

In attending the Holiday Lights at the Denver Zoo, I was astounded how secularized it was! Not a hint of its Christian basis as the birth of Jesus Christ! Upon commenting on this, the response was "well, we are a diverse society now and can't impose Christianity on anyone."

I commented on the current trend of "Islam week" in public schools, where the students dress in Muslim garb, take Muslim names, and learn Islamic prayers.  The answer was "well, Islam is cultural", and I was roundly condemned as a "racist and bigot"!  There was not a hint of recognition that this was hypocrisy and inconsistency!

It's clear that the secular America hasn't a shred of defense against the onslaught of Islam, and its triumph really is only a matter of time. Fat Americans, accustomed to their prosperity and security, will die like flies in the process by the MILLIONS!  Though we sit at 330 million Americans today, we will probably emerge from the process at less than 80 million, a few hardy survivors living in rural areas. Only they will have the food and self reliance to survive the breakdown of the fragile infrastructure that enables us all to survive currently.

In reading the Old Testament, prophets like Ezekiel and Hosea continually warned their societies of their impending demise unless they changed their ways. But the prophets were ignored and the Israelites died by the tens of thousands.

In those days, prior to 586BC,  the Israelites thought they were "bullet proof" because they had "God in the temple". But Ezekiel's vision was of God leaving the Temple, and he tried to warn the Israelites!

We, currently, think we are "bullet proof" because "We have the strongest military in the world". But what good are aircraft carriers in stopping the Saudis placing textbooks in our schools that white wash Islam in the minds of our school children?  What good are B2 bombers against Mosques going up in our communities whose function is to destroy our society from within?

The only grim satisfaction I find is the knowledge that the Chinese don't have the political correctness fettering their dealings with Islam. They have the technology and the manpower and the will to crush any Jihad waged against them.  In fact, if the West were Islamized and returned to the seventh century, China would be a refuge for our best and brightest. Qualms against the genocide of these Jihadi savages would not exist.

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