Friday, November 21, 2014

Notes from Tom Tancredo's Remarks at the North Jeffco Tea Party 20 Nov 2014

What are the options to respond to the President's Amnesty?
  1. Impeachment.  But the Republicans are afraid of this one, owing to the adverse reaction to the attempted impeachment of Clinton back in the 90's.
  2. Censure. But this basically is fraud, fooling the constituents back home into thinking Congress is "doing something" about the Amnesty. But it has zero effect.
  3. Joint Resolution of Disapproval. This actually has teeth in that it has some force of law to undo some of the Executive Order. But there is an argument as to whether the President would have to sign such a Joint Resolution. If so, why would he, so what's the point?  This will be the position taken by the Republican leadership which wants to do nothing.
  4. Use the appropriations process. But with everything in Omnibus bills, this might lead to a shut down of the Government, which the Republicans have already taken off the table. Cory Gardner made some remarks about 'mature governing', (implying a shut down would be 'immature'.)  Jeff Sessions, the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee would do such a thing. But the GOP leadership wants to ease him out and replace him with Mike Enzi from WY to keep the establishment point of view going.
  5. There might be a lawsuit. But as to the last lawsuit by Boehner over Obama Care, so far nothing has been done. None of the major law firms will take it. Why? Pressure from the National Chamber of Commerce, which supports Amnesty. Another hitch is always having to find who has "standing" to bring the suit, and who has been "harmed".
The bottom line: with the elite GOP leadership reluctant on the Immigration issue, nothing will be done, except to generate excuses to fool the voters.  The villain here is the Chamber of Commerce, whose members wish to import cheap labor and exploit it. But don't think this is only for gardeners and  construction people. This will also apply to H1B Hi tech visas.

I remember watching a clip of Mark Zuckerberg going on and on about "bringing in our coding brothers and sisters" as if this were a good thing. In talking to a local Software project manager, he told me how these H1B visas work:
  • They bring developers in from, say India, on H1B visas. The workers are put up in company apartments, 4 or 5 per unit.
  • They work them 12 hours a day at substandard wages for two years and send them home.
  • The long term result is that there are no beginning programming jobs for Americans.  All the $80,00 a year jobs will go away owing to the flood of H1B immigrants.
  • Thus, no American programmers will be advancing up through the ranks. 
  • The only benefit is to the companies for the near term.
I have to laugh at Jesse Jackson's campaign for "More Diversity in Tech": he's thinking he can get blacks put on at the $80,000 a year by getting the Feds to require a quota of black developers for Federal IT contracts. But the contracts will flit overseas, or blacks can come on at the H1B rate of $20,000 a year, which is a cut from the welfare they're all on right now.

The only hope of stopping the massive immigration that would make America a tyrannical and corrupt one party state like Argentina will be to bury our representatives in cards, letters, faxes and phone calls, overriding the Chamber of Commerce bribery, blackmail and coercion.  Tom recommended we use

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