Friday, November 14, 2014

Muslim Campaign to "Fight Extremism"

The fact that this campaign is taking place simultaneously throughout the West means it's a deception campaign ordered at the highest levels! Probably the OIC!  Note that "extremism" cannot be defined, and that the Muslims are demanding more "tolerance"!

Obviously, the West is noting that the Mosques are identifying, grooming and sending young Muslim men to fight with the ISIS. This deception campaign is designed to short circuit this recognition and make it "Islamophobic" to even talk about sending young Muslims to ISIS. After all, the Muslims will say they are "doing something about it" so shut up! 

The reality is, NOTHING will actually be done within the Mosques. The whole campaign is strictly a PR campaign for "the Kafir". Jihad is still considered an act of highest piety in Islam, and the Mosques will still be grooming and sending young men to fight with ISIS. Only now, we can't talk about it! So a dozen Swedish Nationals were killed fighting for ISIS, you say?  Don't mention it! That is insulting and being "Islamophobic"!

Note that "tolerance and inclusiveness" are now supplanting truth as a value. You can't even ask what you're being told to tolerate!

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