Monday, November 17, 2014

Jesuits Martyred in El Salvador Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Jesuits in El Salvador. The Communist rebels fed on real issues of the oppression of the poor. In El Salvador, the divide between the rich and the poor is not only economic but racial. All the wealthy are Spanish descendants, white and six feet tall. Whereas the "poor" are all Mayan and five feet tall.

Bishop Oscar Romero was shot at his altar over this issue. Certainly in the long run the society would be better off with wider education and land reform, but how do you get there from here? To be anti-Communist put us on the side of the oppressive elite. Ouch. Some say we should have just stayed out of it, because people don't put up with Communism indefinitely anyway. But all you have to do is look at North Korea to see that's not a viable option.

Our priority needs to be to concentrate "inside the wire": to wit, the home front. The United States cannot accomplish anything unless it rededicates itself to what it believes and what it is willing to fight for. Let us examine the trite phrase "truth Justice and the American way" and see what that means.

  • Truth: There is a truth, although the moral relativists would have you believe otherwise. The deconstructionists would say that truth is subjective, that what is true for you may not be true for me: that it's all "relative". Now, social constructions may mean nodding your head up and down means "yes" in some societies and "no" in others. But social constructions do NOT translate to science and physics. Mass, length and time calculations are independent of a social context. And it's absurd to consider medicine men and their incantations equivalent to modern medical science.  Nor can you say the Hopi creation myths are equivalent to our astrophysical hypotheses.
  • Justice: We have been taking the rule of law for granted lately. With the current administration ignoring the Constitution, the concept is in jeopardy. Woodrow Wilson didn't believe in the separation of powers. He wanted to bring them all together to "accomplish good". He believed that social engineering could  reshape human nature with government programs "for the better". (So also thought Stalin).  But the separation of powers is necessary, because of this same human nature. Any government with absolute power becomes self perpetuating, power seeking and corrupt. The usual result is the extermination of a portion of the population that isn't going along with the program. The Soviet belief was "if we just get rid of these reactionaries we can usher in our Marxist utopia". But after a hundred million bodies, it still could not be done.  The Marxists fail to grasp that "Satan is the Prince of this world".
  • The American Way: Obviously, the Federal Government has grown too large and is trying to do too much. It has become unworkable and unmanageable. Here are some steps that probably need to be taken:
  • Devolve to the States many of the things the Fed is trying to do: Forestry, Land Management, Education  and Environment and Wild Life would be better handled at the State level.
  • Eliminate every agency with "protection" in its name.  Such agencies exist only to perpetuate themselves, using "protection" as an excuse.  Their administrators connive to find "the outrage of the day" to make headlines and to disrupt our daily lives as much as possible. EPA Administrators from California make rules to make snow blowers illegal in Minnesota, (since these EPA administrators have never had to plow a driveway in their lives!)
  • Open up the Universities to the free exchange of ideas. Break the Marxist grip of political correctness on our educational system by introducing a wider range of political opinion. The best place to start would be the tenure system: remove it from the hands of self-perpetuating Marxist Professors.
  • Reexamine ownership of our media. Maybe our enemies shouldn't have control over these institutions that that have so much influence in the Information battle space. Maybe Rupert Murdock and Prince Alweed bin Talal should be divested of their influence, especially when it comes to suppressing the  reports about Islamic Jihad growing in our society.
  • Review the Constitution and bring the Federal Government back to its original role. Maybe defending our border? Maybe reexamining who our real enemies are: the Marxists and the Muslim Jihadists, and applying our Defense Doctrine to this threat, (see Field Manual 34-130, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield).

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