Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, MO Decision

There was no indictment of Officer Wilson. The Blacks rioted. But the prosecutors said "public pressure doesn't change the facts". The fact was that Michael Brown was a young black thug that physically assaulted a police officer in his patrol car and was shot by the officer in self-defense.

But blacks can't seem to accept responsibility for this fact. They are stuck in their "victim" role to absolve themselves of any blame for what happened. Interesting that Eric Holder of the DOJ tried to prevent the Ferguson Police Department from releasing the store video showing Michael Brown stealing merchandise from a nearby convenience store. Such facts damaged the narrative of Michael Brown as the "gentle giant" victim!

Sadly, we can count on the DOJ to take action on its own to persecute Officer Wilson, since the local Grand Jury didn't appease the Administration's key constituents.

Here's what America is willing to do for blacks in America: to give them equal opportunity that any other American enjoys. And we have been trying to do this for the last 50 years. There have been bootstrap and affirmative action programs to get blacks into Universities to help  blacks acquire saleable skills. There have been massive programs to help blacks start businesses, such as the MSBIC program that I was involved with back in the 1970's. But all these programs have not had the impact they should have. And there's a simple reason for the failure: black leadership!

The Earl Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons along with their Marxist backers have been telling the  black community they are victims. This implies that the blacks themselves have done nothing wrong,  and that the "honkies are out to put them down" or "out to get them". This means that getting pregnant at 13 and dropping out of school has nothing to do with their financial situation!

Another outrage is the Progressive idea that wealth is "good fortune", that hard work and sacrifice have nothing to do with it.  President Obama appeals to America to extend  welfare, saying we need to share our "good fortune" with those "less fortunate". But then he turns around and tells blacks that "this is such a wealthy society, why shouldn't we spread the wealth around"?  No wonder fewer blacks attend universities now than 50 years ago: why strive for opportunity when their leaders tell them that society just owes them a share?

And if wealth is just "good fortune", why not tax it all away to redistribute it to "the less fortunate"? The problem with this is another Progressive assumption: that wealth creation can be taken for granted. When Marx wrote "Das Kapital" in 1848, all previous economic theories were concerned with agriculture,  ( Malthus and Adam Smith etc.) In such economies, wealth was land and was fixed. The produce was the income, and it didn't matter who owned the land. The crops grew no matter who owned the land. So what man of good will would not support eliminating the land owner class who did nothing but ride around in his carriage, collect an unfair share of the crops, beat his tenant farmers, and then take a paque boat to Paris to fornicate?

Sadly, Marxists have the same view of our information economy. But it's not accurate! It is as if farmland can be created. It's NOT fixed. If confiscatory redistribution policies are enacted, the whole economy shrinks, and the whole society is poorer.  Take for example Microsoft. Bill Gates had at one time 500 million shares of Microsoft, the value of which can be determined by looking at the market price in the financial press.   But if the Progressives say "Bill Gates has too much wealth! It needs to be redistributed!" So they arrest Mr. Gates for his "exploitation" and confiscate all Microsoft stock.  Immediately, the market price of Microsoft goes to zero. Microsoft collapses, and all their suppliers follow suit into oblivion. The market cap of Microsoft and its suppliers disappear. True, the government can now redistribute to each citizen in the US 1.5 shares of Microsoft. But with no market for the stock, the certificates may be good for toilet paper, and not much else. Thus, the economy has gotten smaller, hundreds of jobs (if not thousands) have disappeared. But, as one  German Socialist said, "this isn't about the economy, it's about Justice"! Progressive Marxist Justice evidently means everyone "equally poor"...

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