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ISLAM: Truth or Deception



TRUTH or DECEPTION                                               Elhanan- Jerusalem  11-2014


A false premise will invariably lead to a false conclusion.  A building constructed upon an infirm foundation, no matter how elaborate or lovely, will collapse in time.  Solid rock is a better foundation than shifting sands. An idea founded upon a lie will necessarily include also everything built on top of that foundation as a lie, even if there are apparent truths mixed into the fabric, as a natural worm with a hook embedded in it is still a deception for a fish.


Islam is one of those ideas founded upon a false premise.  Historically, Islam was a new arrival on the block of religions, being birthed in the 7th century AD, some 600 years after the New Testament was written, and some 1800 years after Moses and Judaism.  Muhammad, who is proclaimed by Islam to be the final prophet and the founder of the new religion, was admittedly illiterate, and so wrote none of what has become known as the Quran, but was reportedly later spoken to his followers who wrote it down, and considered by Muslims the literal and final word of God.  The Quran contains a number of stories found in the Old Testament, obviously inspired by what Muhammad had learned from both the Jews and the Christians who had long been present in the Middle East, but details and names are changed from that ancient Jewish text to suit the new religion.  New Testament sketches are also included, but entirely altered in their essential message, and both OT and NT personages, including Jesus, are proclaimed as Muslims delivering the message of their god named Allah.


The word “allah” is the same root in Arabic as in Hebrew and Aramaic, “el” or “elah” or eloha,” being the generic term for “god”.  It is not a name or proper noun. The Islamic proclamation heard daily from every mosque, “there is no god but Allah,” is the equivalent of saying, “there is no god but god”. The Hebrew scriptures contain a personal name for God, being the unpronounced but highly significant YHVH, the God of Israel, his “name and memorial forever, to all generations” (Exodus 3:15).  The central command of the Torah is, “Hear O Israel, YHVH your God, YHVH is one, and you shall love YHVH your God with all your heart” (Deuteronomy 6:4-5).  YHVH is the God that Jesus the Jew (who was literate and knew the scriptures well)  referred to in his teachings, confirming that first command, and that of, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).  Love is the foundation stone of all the biblical message, something not found as the foundation of Islamic writings, which is instead fear and submission.


Muhammad’s alleged revelation occurred while he was in a cave near Mecca in Arabia.  In that experience Muhammad is reported to have said that he was visited by the angel Jibril (Gabriel, which is a Hebrew name from the OT and NT), where he was told, among other things, that ‘Allah has no son,’ a passage appearing on the Dome of the Rock mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.   Some 600 years prior in the Land of Israel, that same Gabriel is reported in the NT to have told the Jews Miriam and Yoseph (Mary and Joseph), “That which is to be born from you shall be called the son of God” (Luke 1:35).  It would appear that there is a contradiction, one of the reports being incorrect, or untrue. It is on that same mount that a mosque now stands that Jesus (Hebrew: Yeshua) entered the Jewish temple and declared it to be “my Father’s house” (John 2:16), and himself to be the son of God. In the book of Exodus YHVH declares the Jewish people to be “my firstborn son” (Exodus 4:22). And such passages in the OT as that which describe Abraham taking his son Isaac to be bound at Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) are changed in Islam to be the Muslim prophet Ibrahim taking his son Ishmael to the same place, claiming in all cases of contradiction that the Jews and the Christians had corrupted the scriptures, and Muhammad had come to correct the errors.  In other words, Islam had come to correct and supersede Judaism and Christianity. Though Islam proclaims Jerusalem to be their second holiest site, having conquered and occupied the city from the Byzantine Christians in 637 AD, Jerusalem is never mentioned directly in the Quran, while mentioned explicitly 767 times in the OT and NT.




At the time of Muhammad the Arab world was a widespread camp of tribal factions, often in warring power struggles among themselves, each having their tribal gods.  Muhammad would attempt to gather those tribes together under the banner of his new religion of the one god, Allah.  His attempt to persuade the Jews of the region that he was a prophet and that they should accept his new religion was soundly refused, beginning the enmity that still continues between Muslims and Jews, the latter who have thus a very bad name in the Islamic writings and doctrines.  Though some passages in the Quran would seem to contradict that fact, Muslim exegists often interpret the apparent contradiction by saying that earlier passages are made irrelevant by the later passages, which are the greater truth of an ongoing revelation to the prophet.  Thus are all contradictions in the Quran reconciled.  And the Quran, being supposedly the voice of Allah through Muhammad, is the final word and must not be debated, but memorized, whereas the Bible, including the New Testament, is a collection of many Jewish authors and prophets and chroniclers over a very long period of time, recording the history of a people with their God, with actual geography and cities, context and historical events and personages, much already confirmed by archaeological excavation and findings.  Debate and discussion have always been welcome in the study of the biblical texts.


Jesus said that “a tree may be known by its fruit; a good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit, and a bad tree not bring good fruit” (Matthew 7:18).  That is a reasonable means of measuring an idea’s value or validity.  Whether it be applied to the historical abuses of Christianity or Islam, where violence of the sword has been or continues to be the means to promote their view of God to unbelievers of their religion, the verdict is the same.  Modern Judaism and Jesus never call for a forced surrender or conversion, but only by example of love, truth, and persuasion. The perennial unhappiness and anger and barbaric wars in the Muslim world from its inception, the ongoing bloody conflict between Sunni and Shiite practitioners of the religion, along with its tight bonds of fear in maintaining order, the oppression of women and general freedoms, and persecution of non-Muslims in their own societies, and the chaos and fear produced when introduced in non-Muslim society, speaks for itself.


The Jews and their religion predate both Christianity and Islam by many centuries, and is the root from which both faiths have derived their being. Christianity is the outgrowth from the Jewish concept of Messiah, while Islam is an altered distortion and thus a counterfeit of the Jewish and Christian biblical worldviews. Written in the NT some 600 years before the founding of Islam, is, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved, for this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). 


The longevity and survival of the Jewish people, going back at least three millennia, dispersed and persecuted many times, especially by the aforementioned two offspring religions, is nothing short of miraculous, especially considering that Jews have had no means of defense against anti-Semitism in the 2000 years prior to the 20th century. Today the Jewish people have returned in mass to their ancient homeland where they were born, have revived the dead tongue of Hebrew as a living language, have uncovered the ancient  scrolls of the prophets hidden away in caves, and rebuilt the ruins of the biblical cities and towns of Israel.  This is producing much dismay from the Islamic world, and even part of the Christian world (not to mention the atheistic and secular world), both who had cast in their doctrines that the ancient prophecies of this return were null and void, and would never come to pass (as many say also of the return of Jesus). 


Since the re-birth of Israel in 1948, wars and threats of extermination and unremittent opposition continue, especially from the Islamic world that surrounds the tiny Jewish nation that was re-born from the destruction of the Holocaust.  It is a theological clash of ideas that center on the city of Jerusalem where the idea of truth, love, and divine justice of the one God YHVH were birthed into the world, where now again the Jewish people are the caretakers, and have obtained the means of defense. Though looking forward to the promised hope of shalom (Hatikva- “The Hope”- is Israel’s national anthem), they stand in vigilance against the many continuing existential threats that surround them in overwhelming numbers, resting upon a valid premise and promise.









The Real Race War

Ferguson, MO Decision

There was no indictment of Officer Wilson. The Blacks rioted. But the prosecutors said "public pressure doesn't change the facts". The fact was that Michael Brown was a young black thug that physically assaulted a police officer in his patrol car and was shot by the officer in self-defense.

But blacks can't seem to accept responsibility for this fact. They are stuck in their "victim" role to absolve themselves of any blame for what happened. Interesting that Eric Holder of the DOJ tried to prevent the Ferguson Police Department from releasing the store video showing Michael Brown stealing merchandise from a nearby convenience store. Such facts damaged the narrative of Michael Brown as the "gentle giant" victim!

Sadly, we can count on the DOJ to take action on its own to persecute Officer Wilson, since the local Grand Jury didn't appease the Administration's key constituents.

Here's what America is willing to do for blacks in America: to give them equal opportunity that any other American enjoys. And we have been trying to do this for the last 50 years. There have been bootstrap and affirmative action programs to get blacks into Universities to help  blacks acquire saleable skills. There have been massive programs to help blacks start businesses, such as the MSBIC program that I was involved with back in the 1970's. But all these programs have not had the impact they should have. And there's a simple reason for the failure: black leadership!

The Earl Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons along with their Marxist backers have been telling the  black community they are victims. This implies that the blacks themselves have done nothing wrong,  and that the "honkies are out to put them down" or "out to get them". This means that getting pregnant at 13 and dropping out of school has nothing to do with their financial situation!

Another outrage is the Progressive idea that wealth is "good fortune", that hard work and sacrifice have nothing to do with it.  President Obama appeals to America to extend  welfare, saying we need to share our "good fortune" with those "less fortunate". But then he turns around and tells blacks that "this is such a wealthy society, why shouldn't we spread the wealth around"?  No wonder fewer blacks attend universities now than 50 years ago: why strive for opportunity when their leaders tell them that society just owes them a share?

And if wealth is just "good fortune", why not tax it all away to redistribute it to "the less fortunate"? The problem with this is another Progressive assumption: that wealth creation can be taken for granted. When Marx wrote "Das Kapital" in 1848, all previous economic theories were concerned with agriculture,  ( Malthus and Adam Smith etc.) In such economies, wealth was land and was fixed. The produce was the income, and it didn't matter who owned the land. The crops grew no matter who owned the land. So what man of good will would not support eliminating the land owner class who did nothing but ride around in his carriage, collect an unfair share of the crops, beat his tenant farmers, and then take a paque boat to Paris to fornicate?

Sadly, Marxists have the same view of our information economy. But it's not accurate! It is as if farmland can be created. It's NOT fixed. If confiscatory redistribution policies are enacted, the whole economy shrinks, and the whole society is poorer.  Take for example Microsoft. Bill Gates had at one time 500 million shares of Microsoft, the value of which can be determined by looking at the market price in the financial press.   But if the Progressives say "Bill Gates has too much wealth! It needs to be redistributed!" So they arrest Mr. Gates for his "exploitation" and confiscate all Microsoft stock.  Immediately, the market price of Microsoft goes to zero. Microsoft collapses, and all their suppliers follow suit into oblivion. The market cap of Microsoft and its suppliers disappear. True, the government can now redistribute to each citizen in the US 1.5 shares of Microsoft. But with no market for the stock, the certificates may be good for toilet paper, and not much else. Thus, the economy has gotten smaller, hundreds of jobs (if not thousands) have disappeared. But, as one  German Socialist said, "this isn't about the economy, it's about Justice"! Progressive Marxist Justice evidently means everyone "equally poor"...

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Notes from Tom Tancredo's Remarks at the North Jeffco Tea Party 20 Nov 2014

What are the options to respond to the President's Amnesty?
  1. Impeachment.  But the Republicans are afraid of this one, owing to the adverse reaction to the attempted impeachment of Clinton back in the 90's.
  2. Censure. But this basically is fraud, fooling the constituents back home into thinking Congress is "doing something" about the Amnesty. But it has zero effect.
  3. Joint Resolution of Disapproval. This actually has teeth in that it has some force of law to undo some of the Executive Order. But there is an argument as to whether the President would have to sign such a Joint Resolution. If so, why would he, so what's the point?  This will be the position taken by the Republican leadership which wants to do nothing.
  4. Use the appropriations process. But with everything in Omnibus bills, this might lead to a shut down of the Government, which the Republicans have already taken off the table. Cory Gardner made some remarks about 'mature governing', (implying a shut down would be 'immature'.)  Jeff Sessions, the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee would do such a thing. But the GOP leadership wants to ease him out and replace him with Mike Enzi from WY to keep the establishment point of view going.
  5. There might be a lawsuit. But as to the last lawsuit by Boehner over Obama Care, so far nothing has been done. None of the major law firms will take it. Why? Pressure from the National Chamber of Commerce, which supports Amnesty. Another hitch is always having to find who has "standing" to bring the suit, and who has been "harmed".
The bottom line: with the elite GOP leadership reluctant on the Immigration issue, nothing will be done, except to generate excuses to fool the voters.  The villain here is the Chamber of Commerce, whose members wish to import cheap labor and exploit it. But don't think this is only for gardeners and  construction people. This will also apply to H1B Hi tech visas.

I remember watching a clip of Mark Zuckerberg going on and on about "bringing in our coding brothers and sisters" as if this were a good thing. In talking to a local Software project manager, he told me how these H1B visas work:
  • They bring developers in from, say India, on H1B visas. The workers are put up in company apartments, 4 or 5 per unit.
  • They work them 12 hours a day at substandard wages for two years and send them home.
  • The long term result is that there are no beginning programming jobs for Americans.  All the $80,00 a year jobs will go away owing to the flood of H1B immigrants.
  • Thus, no American programmers will be advancing up through the ranks. 
  • The only benefit is to the companies for the near term.
I have to laugh at Jesse Jackson's campaign for "More Diversity in Tech": he's thinking he can get blacks put on at the $80,000 a year by getting the Feds to require a quota of black developers for Federal IT contracts. But the contracts will flit overseas, or blacks can come on at the H1B rate of $20,000 a year, which is a cut from the welfare they're all on right now.

The only hope of stopping the massive immigration that would make America a tyrannical and corrupt one party state like Argentina will be to bury our representatives in cards, letters, faxes and phone calls, overriding the Chamber of Commerce bribery, blackmail and coercion.  Tom recommended we use http://www.numbersUSA.com

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What Really Happened at the National Cathedral


Horrors of Swedish Multiculturalism

Jesuits Martyred in El Salvador Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Jesuits in El Salvador. The Communist rebels fed on real issues of the oppression of the poor. In El Salvador, the divide between the rich and the poor is not only economic but racial. All the wealthy are Spanish descendants, white and six feet tall. Whereas the "poor" are all Mayan and five feet tall.

Bishop Oscar Romero was shot at his altar over this issue. Certainly in the long run the society would be better off with wider education and land reform, but how do you get there from here? To be anti-Communist put us on the side of the oppressive elite. Ouch. Some say we should have just stayed out of it, because people don't put up with Communism indefinitely anyway. But all you have to do is look at North Korea to see that's not a viable option.

Our priority needs to be to concentrate "inside the wire": to wit, the home front. The United States cannot accomplish anything unless it rededicates itself to what it believes and what it is willing to fight for. Let us examine the trite phrase "truth Justice and the American way" and see what that means.

  • Truth: There is a truth, although the moral relativists would have you believe otherwise. The deconstructionists would say that truth is subjective, that what is true for you may not be true for me: that it's all "relative". Now, social constructions may mean nodding your head up and down means "yes" in some societies and "no" in others. But social constructions do NOT translate to science and physics. Mass, length and time calculations are independent of a social context. And it's absurd to consider medicine men and their incantations equivalent to modern medical science.  Nor can you say the Hopi creation myths are equivalent to our astrophysical hypotheses.
  • Justice: We have been taking the rule of law for granted lately. With the current administration ignoring the Constitution, the concept is in jeopardy. Woodrow Wilson didn't believe in the separation of powers. He wanted to bring them all together to "accomplish good". He believed that social engineering could  reshape human nature with government programs "for the better". (So also thought Stalin).  But the separation of powers is necessary, because of this same human nature. Any government with absolute power becomes self perpetuating, power seeking and corrupt. The usual result is the extermination of a portion of the population that isn't going along with the program. The Soviet belief was "if we just get rid of these reactionaries we can usher in our Marxist utopia". But after a hundred million bodies, it still could not be done.  The Marxists fail to grasp that "Satan is the Prince of this world".
  • The American Way: Obviously, the Federal Government has grown too large and is trying to do too much. It has become unworkable and unmanageable. Here are some steps that probably need to be taken:
  • Devolve to the States many of the things the Fed is trying to do: Forestry, Land Management, Education  and Environment and Wild Life would be better handled at the State level.
  • Eliminate every agency with "protection" in its name.  Such agencies exist only to perpetuate themselves, using "protection" as an excuse.  Their administrators connive to find "the outrage of the day" to make headlines and to disrupt our daily lives as much as possible. EPA Administrators from California make rules to make snow blowers illegal in Minnesota, (since these EPA administrators have never had to plow a driveway in their lives!)
  • Open up the Universities to the free exchange of ideas. Break the Marxist grip of political correctness on our educational system by introducing a wider range of political opinion. The best place to start would be the tenure system: remove it from the hands of self-perpetuating Marxist Professors.
  • Reexamine ownership of our media. Maybe our enemies shouldn't have control over these institutions that that have so much influence in the Information battle space. Maybe Rupert Murdock and Prince Alweed bin Talal should be divested of their influence, especially when it comes to suppressing the  reports about Islamic Jihad growing in our society.
  • Review the Constitution and bring the Federal Government back to its original role. Maybe defending our border? Maybe reexamining who our real enemies are: the Marxists and the Muslim Jihadists, and applying our Defense Doctrine to this threat, (see Field Manual 34-130, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield).

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Muslim Campaign to "Fight Extremism"

The fact that this campaign is taking place simultaneously throughout the West means it's a deception campaign ordered at the highest levels! Probably the OIC!  Note that "extremism" cannot be defined, and that the Muslims are demanding more "tolerance"!

Obviously, the West is noting that the Mosques are identifying, grooming and sending young Muslim men to fight with the ISIS. This deception campaign is designed to short circuit this recognition and make it "Islamophobic" to even talk about sending young Muslims to ISIS. After all, the Muslims will say they are "doing something about it" so shut up! 

The reality is, NOTHING will actually be done within the Mosques. The whole campaign is strictly a PR campaign for "the Kafir". Jihad is still considered an act of highest piety in Islam, and the Mosques will still be grooming and sending young men to fight with ISIS. Only now, we can't talk about it! So a dozen Swedish Nationals were killed fighting for ISIS, you say?  Don't mention it! That is insulting and being "Islamophobic"!

Note that "tolerance and inclusiveness" are now supplanting truth as a value. You can't even ask what you're being told to tolerate!


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