Saturday, October 4, 2014

Open Letter to Mike Huckabee

Re: Deploying a half a million troops to "crush ISIS"


Think of the beheadings as the "cape of the matador", designed to goad the bull into thrashing about ineffectively, weakening him! " Let's think through this deployment of a half a million troops:
  • It would take months. And by the time the troops were in position, ISIS will have melted away, hiding their fighters and equipment, leaving only thousands of IED's for our people to detonate during fruitless sweeps and patrols.
  • Of the half a million, less than 10% would be deployed in combat, the rest would constitute the enormous administrative tail. Most of the waste and expense would be clerks working at the PX's or air conditioning technicians maintaining the thousands of living trailers, or trainers in the gyms, etc.
  • We'd also lose people a hundred at a time to suicide bombers in the chow halls, since the Vietnam era procedure manuals dictate we "hire locals to build good will and win hearts and minds". Any attempt to screen them considering "religion" would trigger administrative howls , since the Government "doesn't do the religious thing"! So the garbage collectors, "local security" and kitchen staff would all be the dangerous enemy.
  • We can do this for years and spend billions of dollars we don't have and still wind up right where we are now. What's the point if we continue to ignore the elephant in the room called ISLAM?
HERE"S A BETTER WAY:  name our enemy properly and devise a coherent strategy! We need to follow our own doctrine as delineated in FM 34-130. Start with the facts on the ground and work backwards.
    • Our enemy is ISLAMIC JIHAD
    • They wage JIHAD  to impose the Shari'a law upon us 
    • They intend to build a world-wide Caliphate
    • This would destroy our liberty, prosperity, our form of government and our very lives
It stands to reason we need to shut down every organization that wages Jihad against us. And by the way, Jihad can be waged by the mouth, pen, the money as well as the sword. This means
  • We need to get over the silly notion that Islam is only a religion that gets a free pass owing to our traditions of religious liberty.
  • We need to look at the 3000 Mosques in the US that preach "death to America and death to the Jews" from their pulpits, and that identify, groom and send young Muslim men as fighters to the Middle East and elsewhere to participate in Jihad.
  • We need to shut down the training camps the Jihad groups have established in this country 
  • We need to look at the Muslim Brotherhood and its 4200 front groups in the United States. They masquerade as "civil rights groups" yet provide political, financial and material support for Jihad against us.
Using an old military metaphor, we need to secure our backs "inside the wire" before we worry about "outside the wire" 10,000 miles away in the deserts of Iraq. We have enough Jihad groups "right here in River City" ( if I might pirate a phrase from "The Music Man" ) that need to be dealt with first.

Dave Petteys
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