Friday, October 31, 2014

Islamic Reform begin in America?

In an article in today's Wall Street Journal Salam al Marayati[1] tries to make the case that Islam can be reformed by American Muslims, since "the regression of Muslim religious establishments funded by the same autocratic governments currently make Islamic reform unlikely in the region" (meaning the Middle East).

The absurdity of this claim is defined by the fact that Mr. al Marayati's MPAC[2] is funded by the same "autocratic governments" from which he claims independence. Not only that, but MPAC itself is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood[3], an organization committed to the destruction of the United States.

This article is part of the full court press  "Taqiyya" designed to mitigate the damage caused by the ISIS as it reveals in full color the appalling brutality of pure Islam. Though the apologists are in high gear trying to sell the idea "ISIS is not the real Islam", the statements from ISIS leadership drown out the apologists, as well as the hundreds of videos posted by ISIS fighters!


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