Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Current Election Dialogue

The Democrats whine "Republicans want to oppress women, despoil the environment, poison the water and strangle puppies!"

But the real agenda is to change the subject away from the Democratic desire to make Washington DC the center of the Universe!  They wish to build an all encompassing Federal Government that will intrude in every phase of our lives in the name of "justice"!

A perfect example is the corporate tax rate. I believe the rate is 39%. No wonder businesses are fleeing our shores, when it's 15% everywhere else!  If we would cut the rate to 15%, trillions of dollars would flood back into the country and the economy would rebound overnight!

But the Democrats say "it would be a sop to the fat cats!" and refuse!  The reason is this: they don't want the private sector to have tax breaks and build their business as they see fit! They want everyone to line up at their office doors in Washington DC to kiss ass, to pay bribes (oh, excuse me, "donations" to reelection campaigns!) to get permission to do anything!  You need more toilet paper in the rest rooms? Well, then, fill out the forms in quadruplicate and come back in 6 months! (And a little $1500 donation to the Congressman would smooth the way, don't you know....)

Naturally, the welfare recipients don't care, and the college students have no experience. They support the destruction of our liberties and our prosperity since they take both for granted.

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