Friday, September 19, 2014

This is not a war, and ISIS is not Islamic

The President continues to lead the Free World from behind. His Marxist/Muslim Brotherhood advisors have decided the President "has to do something"! To say "This is not a war" is to appease his Marxist-Progressive base that wants the President to dismantle American power as rapidly as possible.

 To say "This is not Islamic" tries to fit the ISIS round peg into the square hole of the Muslim Brotherhood's false narrative of "all Muslims are moderate and only the fringes that 'misinterpret' Islamic Doctrine and are outraged at our policies are violent".

The "Campaigner in Chief" seems to believe that "spin makes it so", and that reality is what the Administration says it is, especially if their toadies in the Mainstream Media go along. We are reminded of the scene from Star Wars when Obe Wan Knobe tells the Storm Troopers "these aren't the droids you're looking for" (when they were sitting beside him in the vehicle).

My guess is that the effort will become mired with constant bickering about forming a coalition. The next piece will be to "throw the media switch". Suddenly the only thing the airstrikes will hit will be schools, hospitals, innocent women and children and weddings. This should pave the way politically to shut down the airstrikes and allow ISIS to continue building its Caliphate unmolested.

Any equipment losses will be redeemed by "aid to 'moderate' Syrian rebels" just passed by Congress, as if there were any "Good Jihadis vs. Bad Jihadis" from out point of view. They ALL want to impose the Shari'a upon us and build the Caliphate, destroying our form of government, our liberties and our prosperity.

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