Thursday, September 4, 2014

ISIS and Domestic Muslim "Civil Rights" Groups

Understand that the groups in the West, like CAIR or the British Muslim Association (BMA) are the same as ISIS. 
Do not let them say the following:

"Oh, ISIS isn't the 'Real Islam', because Islam doesn't condone the killing of innocent women and children".  The Gotcha here is that unless you accept Muhammad as the final Prophet, you are NOT "innocent"! So the only "innocent" women and children are Muslim!

ISIS, CAIR, and the BMA have the same ideology, funding and command structure. The only reason the BMA and CAIR aren't beheading and mass executing people is they don't feel strong enough. Otherwise, they WOULD! This IS the "REAL ISLAM"!

The West needs to set aside the veneer of "political correctness" and shut down the ISIS supply chain from the West. Merely engaging their units in Northern Iraq may be  necessary, but not sufficient. Every Mosque in the West is identifying, grooming and sending young Muslims to participate in Jihad. This needs to be shut down: the Imams imprisoned and the Mosques closed.

 These young Muslims return as battle hardened killers, and are becoming the NCO backbone of the Jihad Army being built in Western countries. Do you really want them walking around  salivating to recommence the murder, plunder and rape to which they have become accustomed?  All they need is small arms and ammunition, readily available.  To think that ISIS is "no threat" because they would have trouble transporting their armored cars to the West is foolish. All the fighters have to do is shave their beards, put on their Dockers and polo shirts and hop on a plane home with their Western passports.

  Every Muslim "charity" in the West is funneling funds to support ISIS and Jihad world-wide. (This is why the returnees from Jihad always note "reason for travel" as "charity work in Turkey").  Financiers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing the same. Can we turn a blind eye and continue business as usual with these people, funding our own destruction?

It's time to follow our own doctrine as delineated in FM 34-130, "Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield".  We start from the facts on the ground and work backwards from who's doing what and why? What do they want to accomplish, and how can we stop them? 

The fact: Sunni Islam is waging Jihad against us to establish a world-wide Caliphate. Iranian Shi'ites are not far behind, and agree with their alienated cousins on the treatment of the Kafir. Therefore, it's daft to think of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as potential allies. They are Sunni and are ideologically committed to our destruction.  To allow the Civilizational Jihadists into our country as "immigrants" by the millions is also suicidal. They don't come to help build our society, but to destroy it. It isn't "racist bigotry" to defend ourselves from this invasion.

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