Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"US Backs Sunni Plan to Ressurect Fight Against Jihadists in Iraq" (Wall St Journal Article Aug 6, 2014)

To even consider such a step is mute testimony to how much our "Willful Blindness" to the true nature of our enemy is costing us!

All the Ivy League Priests of Secularism (PhD's) are spouting their theories of how this will aid "nation building, self determination", (the same ones that modeled "The Taliban as an LA inner city gang").  But they ignore the one vital question: WHY WOULD ANY SUNNI GROUP HELP THE KUFFAR UNITED STATES AGAINST THEIR CO-RELIGIONISTS WHO ARE WAGING QUR'AN SANCTIONED JIHAD?

Their answer: "Um, we don't do the God thing, because we'll get fired if we do..." How such American backing of this "Sunni Fight" will turn out is easy to predict: all the funds, arms and ammunition will somehow disappear and fade into the desert, winding up in the hands of the ISIS to kill Shi'ites and Christians. And why? It's permissible to lie to and cheat the Kuffar in the furtherance of Islam!

The sad reality: our enemy is  ISLAMIC JIHAD, not "terrorism" nor any particular "terror group". Jihad is a 1400 year old religious concept defined as "War against the non-believer until he submits to the Shari'a, pays the Jizya and feels himself subdued (Qur'an 9:5)".

World-wide Muslim violence has nothing to do with their victimhood, our policies or our support for Israel. It has only to do with our failure to acknowledge that Muhammad is the final prophet and our unwillingness to immediately submit to Islam. To continue to ignore this means to continue to flounder with misconstrued and ineffective strategies that will cost endless blood, treasure and hasten  our inevitable defeat.

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