Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Lesson of Mr Foley

To all anti-Israel and pro-Jihadi academics and college kids, and Leftie Journalists: do not delude yourself into thinking your pro-Jihadi stance will be appreciated! For your own safety, you must:
  • Formally convert to Islam
  • Grow your beard in a Shari'a Compliant fashion (trim the moustache, let the beard just grow and dye it red with henna)
  • Attend Islamic Indoctrination  (of course most Western Universities have already fulfilled this part)
  • Go to Waziristan for months of Jihadi military training
  • Be willing to rape your sister then cut her throat for "violating the family honor"
  • Be willing to behead your parents for being "Kuffar"
If  you do all these things you may gain a measure of protection and support when you go to Syria and hang out with the ISIS.

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