Monday, August 18, 2014

Racism or Economic Expectations?

Jessie Jackson and Rev Sharpton say that America is the land of Equality. The President says that "our society cannot be successful if only a few are successful: everyone must have a shot!"  So how is this to be resolved?   It appears what the Administration and the black leaders have in mind is massive cash payments to millions of black people to "bring them up to equal"! (We remember the "Reparations for slavery" push with this as a solution).

But this is NOT the American way!  It's not that white people hate black people (and thus we need massive Civil Rights legislation to counter it):  It's that hard working Americans despise free loaders! Much of the "strained race relations" would disappear if black expectations were in line with reality!

Instead of "Where's the money that Obama say he gonna gimme?"(and I'm being victimized and oppressed if my cash payment isn't forthcoming), it should be "If I just stay in school, juggle my work schedule and my studying, I'll get it done in 5 years and move up."  This is the promise of America!  This is the "equal opportunity" to build a life that everyone has!

The black leaders could play a massively constructive role in changing this expectation to something more constructive.

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