Monday, August 18, 2014

"Oh, Think of the Children" says Cardinal Dolon and the DNC

Many of the "children" coming across the border are 14-17 year old  MS 13 killers . The Cartels know that if these minor assassins are apprehended, they will not be given the death penalty. And in many cases, once they turn 18, they are turned loose or taken into the US Army for the path to citizenship!

"But if we can just put them in a positive environment...." says the Cardinal and the DNC. The premise here is that if you put a bad apple in a barrel of good ones, that somehow the rot will be reversed... Outside of the Columbia University School of Education, does anyone believe this is reality?

Consider this: do you really think your 15 year old son who wears his baseball cap backwards, who sports ear buds and cargo shorts and rides his skate board, will have any effect on these experienced killers who have been thrust into his high school?

Does anyone think that the threat of being sent to the Principal's Office will maintain any discipline? And what will the Principal do when he is grabbed by the collar and has a knife pressed to his throat? Especially when he's been warned by the Feds that to call the police on these youngsters will be considered "racist discrimination" and will jeopardize his Federal funding?

It seems to fall  under the Cloward-Piven Strategy of overwhelming destroying the society with the idea of rebuilding it from scratch. The mystifying part is that the Church doesn't seem to grasp there is no place for it in this new Marxist Utopia. Thus, the Church appears to be striving diligently to hasten its own demise.

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