Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jessie Jackson and Diversity in Tech (USA Today July 29, 2014)

Dear Jessie:

You say "there's talent but no opportunity" and that somehow the Federal Government needs to step in to "increase opportunity".  No Jessie, if there were any black guys that could write code, they'd have an equal opportunity to get their stuff up and pitch it to Venture Capitalists just like anyone else. The reason is, there are evidently few black guys that can write code!

Why? Any black youngster who demonstrates interest and talent in this regard is accused of "going white", beaten up and ostracized!  But rather than using your leadership to change this toxic cultural attribute, you are silent, content to maintain your "victim clientele", languishing at the bottom of the economic ladder!

Rather than encouraging "white middle class values" of work ethic, education and gainful employment, you tell your clientele that the path forward is political action, protests and marching on the capital! God forbid that anyone finish school and acquire employable skills! Then they wouldn't need you!

Gratefully, however, more and more black people are ignoring your message. They are joining the "middle class",( "going white"as you call it) and moving out of the inner city to decent neighborhoods (what you term "abandoning their people").  Hopefully, professional race baiters like you will  be seen for what you are and ignored.

Interestingly enough, you now include "Asian men" as bad guys as well as "white guys". Gee, Jessie, Asian men are "people of color", but as a group they are better educated and do better financially than white people! I guess this shoots down your victimhood scenario of "white people staying up late at night trying to figure out how to keep down people of color". Maybe it's black people themselves and their toxic culture that are "keeping black people down"????

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