Saturday, August 30, 2014

ISIS Threat to the United States

Alan Combs on Fox News discounts the threat of the ISIS. His thesis was that ISIS cannot move its armored vehicles to the US, so we have nothing to worry about.  He is incorrect. They only need to move fighters..
  • Hundreds of fighters return to the US on their American passports. The "reason for travel" listed as "charity work in Turkey". 
  • On a "Black Friday" at the local mall, (crowded right after Thanksgiving) six fighters with AK 47's under their overcoats position themselves at the mall entrances.
  • A diversionary car bomb goes off across town, strategically placed to draw police and emergency units to the other side of town at rush hour.
  • At precisely 33 minutes after the car bomb, the time calculated by years of studying our infrastructure and response times, the six shooters shed their overcoats and start mowing down shoppers with their AK 47's, driving the screaming mob into the center of the mall. They will have 45 minutes of shooting before any police units can get there.
  • Of course the County Commissioners have assured a shooter safe zone by requiring the Mall security personnel be disarmed. After all, "we want to assure our shoppers of their safety by making sure only the police have firearms" .
Sorry Alan: they don't need to move armored cars. All they need is six fighters, six AK 47's. 60 thirty round magazines and 1800 rounds of 7.62 X 45 mm ammunition. They could kill probably 500 people in less than 30 minutes. 

Tell me again "citizens don't need to be armed. all they have to do is call the police! Let them do their job! Society will be much safer!"   Right.....

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