Sunday, August 31, 2014

ISIS in America

A 24 year old Muslim returns from the battlefields of the Middle East to his native American city. Reason for travel? "Charity work in Turkey!"  Right!   He has experienced a couple of years of murder, plunder and rape! Then he walks American streets. What does he see?

  • Lots of pink fat unarmed oblivious Kuffar, congregating in bars, malls, schools!
  • Shoppes owned by the Kuffar filled with clothes, watches, cars!
  • Dozens of pink young girls, unprotected by a male family member with their faces uncovered in short shorts, exposing their long legs leaving little to the imagination!
So what this young man will see is TARGETS! Targets ripe for the taking, and all with Qur'anic permission!  And incredibly, after the last attack by the brothers, their President confiscated all the firearms from the Kuffar, making the job of the brothers infinitely easier! Certainly the rumors their President was working for the Brotherhood must be true!  Allahu Akbar!

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