Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ferguson, St Louis and More Black "Oppression"

It's high time the Jessie Jacksons of the Nation weaned black people of their resentment.  This explosive resentment is building to all-time highs, in spite of two generations of Affirmative Action and a black President. Why? Very simple: the Jessie Jacksons of the Nation are misleading black people! Here's how....

America is the land of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not EQUALITY as Jessie Jackson says. The reason black people are so resentful is that "The Honkies haven't given me my 'Fair Share' of the wealth, and I'm pissed!" In fact, this "failure to pay" is the definition of "black oppression". The resentment is leading to the black on white violence such as "pick out knock out", usually practiced on the defenseless elderly.  The occasional push back when someone defends themselves successfully is what leads to the headlines, such as Zimmerman with Tryvon Martin or the policemen in Ferguson, MO.

This expectation of easy "Equality" also explains why blacks don't take advantage of the special admission programs in schools and Universities. Jessie and the President tell them that society should just "spread the wealth around" to them. If this be the case, why work at self-improvement?

This results in small numbers of qualified blacks in so many professions. It explains why Jessie Jackson then  howls  "discrimination" in Tech, Medicine, business management, and in so many other fields. Reality: the "discrimination" would go away if blacks would take advantage of the educational opportunities the Nation has tried to provide them over the last 50 years.

And howling "victimhood" for 50 years is long enough! It's time to stop pointing fingers at "the white people keeping us down" and  start pointing fingers at the mirror where the real source of the continual failure lies.

So, Jessie, here's my proposal: tell your people that "pick out and knock out" is not OK. Then tell them that getting an education is "not going white" and deserving of a beating. Tell them it's the path to career prospects wider than being a sports figure, a gang-banger or a permanent welfare Mom. Tell them in that in America, blacks have always had an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to work hard and accomplish something in their lives!

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