Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CNN and the killing of General Green

It was appalling to listen to Wolf Blitzer and another moron discuss the killing of General Green. One of them said "Um, well, the young Afghani may have had a personal grudge against the General..." The reality is, the motive was JIHAD!  I am sure the young Afghani expects to be with his 72 virgins, sitting on his face one after the other.

Our whole effort in the Middle East is based on a Kennedy School of Government model, "Nation building, self determination, blah, blah, blah..."  And they completely ignore the 500 lb. guerilla called  ISLAM, which constitutes 90% of everything going on over there.

When you try to pose the question "Why would any Afghani help the American infidel Kuffar against a co-religionist who is waging Qur'anically sanctioned and holy Jihad?  all the State Department analysts turn pale and try to change the subject.  They mutter "oh, we don't do the God thing" and dismiss it.

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