Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leader of HAMAS on Bloomberg TV

Listening to this guy, he went on an on about "legitimate Palestinian Self Determination for their own state, etc. Which appeals to Western Progressive Intellectuals.  But in the Mosques, to his followers, in Arabic, he talks only of Jihad and extermination of Israel. That's the Taqiyya! Ideologically, Muslims must fight and kill the Jews to usher in the end times. The conflict is religious and ideological, NOT geographical. But Western Intellectuals "don't do the God thing, and besides, religious wars have been out of fashion for 500 years!"

Western Intellectuals believe HAMAS and think "Gee, all we have to do is twist Israeli arms to 'take a chance for peace' and the Palestinians would be satisfied."  But HAMAS is lying!
1. The Two State Solution they have in mind would carve up Israel and make it indefensible.
2. If the Western Intellectuals should recall that Israel DID withdraw from Lebanon in 2000 (and received no benefit) and from Gaza in August 2005 (to no benefit). 

I remember clearly at that time the Arab apologists saying "Israel should jump at the chance for real peace by withdrawing from Gaza. Gaza will become a prosperous neighbor, a trading partner, and the Singapore of the Middle East." What happened?  The Jihadis moved the Katushas that much closer to Israeli cities and crowed that "Arab arms have chased out the Zionists with their tails between their legs." Not exactly the quid pro quo promised by the Western Intellectuals.

The answer?  The Palestinian nationality is a myth, created by the EU leadership in 1972 when they caved in to the Jihad of Black September. The "Palestinians" should be resettled in other Arab countries like Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. All the disaffected Arab Israelis should be kicked out with them, being resettled with a cash payment.  Then Israel could secure Samaria and have the Jordan River as its eastern boundary.

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