Sunday, July 6, 2014

Democrats "War on Women"

The Democrat's "War on Women".  This is a false flag. The real agenda is to do away with white people. Think it through!
Blacks: when you read about the welfare moms with 10 kids, all with a different father, you get the idea they are utilizing the ADC as a source of income.  In fact, I had a father in law one time who told me his black house maid, as she quit, told him: "Mister Manning, I gots ma illegit, ma gum'm'int check an' I don' havta talk to you no mo'!"
Muslims: their mandate from the Imams is 4 wives per man, 5 children per wife, so they can go from 3 million to 60 million in a generation to execute their "Settlement Jihad" strategy and establish an Islamic State (to add to the world Kaliphate). So they don't do birth control.
Hispanics and Asians: They tend to cherish children as the gift of life that they are! So they don't  kill off their children like we do.

 So that leaves white people: and educated white people at that. Since the Progressives have eliminated critical thinking on college campuses now, what we see is the twenty something women waving signs and chanting bumper sticker style slogans, asserting that Republicans are trying to reach up under their skirts (as per Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

So, within a generation, the America of Christian traditions, liberty and prosperity will collapse into a third world Seventh Century blood bath.

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