Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jessie Jackson wants Government Enforcement of Diversity in Tech

It's easy to see where this is going: if you want to do IT work for the Government, you have to have sufficient "N-word" developers on staff!  But since there aren't any, you have to hire Jessie Jackson's girlfriends or cronies, give them the Title of "Developer" and pay them $80,000 a year! Then you get the contract!

If you demand that they be able to write code, or even show up for work, that will be considered "discriminatory!" 

Thus, all these people can be awarded ten jobs simultaneously, and kick back a percentage to Jessie Jackson himself!  All in the name of "Justice and Equality".  Ahh, Liberal White Guilt is a vein that can be mined indefinitely!

ISIL Killing Fields in Iraq


More of Obama's "ending the violence responsibly"  right?

Leader of HAMAS on Bloomberg TV

Listening to this guy, he went on an on about "legitimate Palestinian Self Determination for their own state, etc. Which appeals to Western Progressive Intellectuals.  But in the Mosques, to his followers, in Arabic, he talks only of Jihad and extermination of Israel. That's the Taqiyya! Ideologically, Muslims must fight and kill the Jews to usher in the end times. The conflict is religious and ideological, NOT geographical. But Western Intellectuals "don't do the God thing, and besides, religious wars have been out of fashion for 500 years!"

Western Intellectuals believe HAMAS and think "Gee, all we have to do is twist Israeli arms to 'take a chance for peace' and the Palestinians would be satisfied."  But HAMAS is lying!
1. The Two State Solution they have in mind would carve up Israel and make it indefensible.
2. If the Western Intellectuals should recall that Israel DID withdraw from Lebanon in 2000 (and received no benefit) and from Gaza in August 2005 (to no benefit). 

I remember clearly at that time the Arab apologists saying "Israel should jump at the chance for real peace by withdrawing from Gaza. Gaza will become a prosperous neighbor, a trading partner, and the Singapore of the Middle East." What happened?  The Jihadis moved the Katushas that much closer to Israeli cities and crowed that "Arab arms have chased out the Zionists with their tails between their legs." Not exactly the quid pro quo promised by the Western Intellectuals.

The answer?  The Palestinian nationality is a myth, created by the EU leadership in 1972 when they caved in to the Jihad of Black September. The "Palestinians" should be resettled in other Arab countries like Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. All the disaffected Arab Israelis should be kicked out with them, being resettled with a cash payment.  Then Israel could secure Samaria and have the Jordan River as its eastern boundary.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ISIS Video


Islam the "Original Feminist Movement" ????

[12:03:16 PM] kit nam: "Gabriella Gillespie, now 50, from Bristol, was born and raised in Wales but was sold to a violent husband (main photo, right) in Yemen by her father (main photo, left). Her elder sisters suffered the same fate, although one, determined not to marry the 60-year-old chosen for her, killed herself on her wedding day. Ms Gillespie herself was 13 when she was first sold into marriage, the first stage in her transformation from British schoolgirl to Yemeni wife (left). Now back in the UK for good, along with her five children (bottom right) Ms Gillespie has written a book to tell the world about what happened to her in the hopes that her story won't be repeated. "

Muslim Conductor Tries to Lecture on Islam and the Orchestra walks off stage.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

No country for white children

Why is it that only white people are badgered to be "tolerant" and "multicultural" and  others are  encouraged to maintain their "ethnic identity"?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Killing American Women and Children

Videos of the Taliban Humping Goats (Animal Husbandry to the Nth Degree!)

Urdu Dictionary Dropped by Texas Border Infiltrator

To all the morons who insist we shouldn't deny access to "the poor who only want to better themselves", this ought to give pause to their mistaken scenario.

It should also revise the notion that we need to waste our blood and treasure deploying forces 10,000 miles away to "keep the terrorists from coming here"... They are ALREADY HERE! A greater necessity is to secure our borders and begin intercepting and deporting the ISLAMIC JIHADIS that are residents.

Islamic Jihad against Mormon and Catholic Churches

"Everyone Needs a Shot!"

The President said "A society cannot be successful if only a few are successful. Everyone needs a shot!"   This may have a populist appeal to the Marxists and welfare freeloaders that constitute the President's base. But upon thinking it through, how is the collective supposed to move forward if the only Governmental action is to punish and destroy those few who are successful?

For example, recently on Bloomberg News, there was a presentation on how the Tech Moguls "have too much money" and steps were necessary!  It's a perfect example of the "crab pot" phenomenon, where a pot full of crabs on the boiler will pull back in any crab who tries to climb out.

The real motive is that Government Officials want their hands on the money and the power that goes with doling it out.

Obama whining about "inversions"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Obama whining about "inversions"

To the Editor:
As American companies bail out of the US owing to the outrageous tax rates, we can count on the President to:
  • impugn the patriotism of the companies
  • imply that their bailing out, and failing to pay their "fair share" means the rest of us will have to pay more in taxes!  (which is nonsense, but there’s no arguing with the English majors up from the NGOs whose only exposure to economics has been from Marxist “community organizers”).
  • call for legislation to stop it.
It is noteworthy that the sensible course of action, cutting the tax rate, is not even on the table. If such a course were broached, the President's Marxist Progressive base would howl "caving in to the fat cats!"

Understand, that the Marxist Progressives wish to destroy the private sector in its entirety!  Under their "labor value theory", any profit is "exploitation", and the only "just" course is for "the workers to own the means of production". This means transforming the American economy into an overstaffed, inefficient quagmire such as we saw in the Soviet Union.

And as the President implements such steps, (probably by executive order), the economy , the  markets, and our standard of living will tank. Everyone's IRA's and 401K's will fast disappear. The President will propose confiscating them to "protect everyone's retirement", resulting in the equity you once  had  being transformed into Government certificates.   This will make excellent toilet paper with which to wipe out the white middle class!

But as the President's and Hillary Clinton's mentor Sol Alinsky once said: "it's better to rule in hell than serve in heaven".  It is fast becoming so.
Dave Petteys
Roxborough, CO 80125
720 922 9092

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Democrats "War on Women"

The Democrat's "War on Women".  This is a false flag. The real agenda is to do away with white people. Think it through!
Blacks: when you read about the welfare moms with 10 kids, all with a different father, you get the idea they are utilizing the ADC as a source of income.  In fact, I had a father in law one time who told me his black house maid, as she quit, told him: "Mister Manning, I gots ma illegit, ma gum'm'int check an' I don' havta talk to you no mo'!"
Muslims: their mandate from the Imams is 4 wives per man, 5 children per wife, so they can go from 3 million to 60 million in a generation to execute their "Settlement Jihad" strategy and establish an Islamic State (to add to the world Kaliphate). So they don't do birth control.
Hispanics and Asians: They tend to cherish children as the gift of life that they are! So they don't  kill off their children like we do.

 So that leaves white people: and educated white people at that. Since the Progressives have eliminated critical thinking on college campuses now, what we see is the twenty something women waving signs and chanting bumper sticker style slogans, asserting that Republicans are trying to reach up under their skirts (as per Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

So, within a generation, the America of Christian traditions, liberty and prosperity will collapse into a third world Seventh Century blood bath.


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