Monday, April 14, 2014

Promise of America

The Promise of America is "Equal Opportunity", NOT "Equality".  The only possible set point for equality is everyone at the grinding poverty subsistence level! We accept inequality of income owing to the inequality of contributions to our society.

American society for years has endeavored to give all groups access to higher education to enable the individual to gain a skill and earn a living and to make a contribution to the American way of life. But sadly, when young promising individuals start to do well, they are jeered, ridiculed and accused of "going white"! So now we have fewer minorities attending college today than we did 50 year ago! So what do we do with that?

On one hand, the President says to us "We need to extend a helping hand" to such people, implying a temporary assistance to "get them on their feet".  But then the President turns around and tells the inner city populations "we have such an abundant society, why shouldn't there be a little 'sharing of the wealth' ".  In other words, the path to prosperity is political action and not individual improvement.  What justification for this can there be?

If these minorities argue "we really are a special case and NEED to become wards of the State", this only fulfills the redneck view of the minority and would validate the redneck "final solution". This minority shouldn't go there!

Five generations of welfare freeloading is long enough of a "helping hand".  Time for every American to "contribute his share".  And why not? You're always whining about people "paying their fair share"?

  • Eliminate ADC for single women: have it only for intact families with Fathers present. And under all circumstances, the welfare checks of Fathers should be directed to the support of their children. Strengthen the family as the foundation of society.
  • No more long term unemployment benefits. Utilize our domestic unemployed for all the jobs that currently are being fulfilled with immigrants, such as agricultural labor. And if they "won't do it", the Chinese proverb "no workee no eatee" kicks in.
  • And if there's a threat by the Jessie Jacksons of the world that "unless the freebies continue, we's gonna fuck this place up", remember: that's what Law Enforcement is for, and that's why America is armed.

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