Monday, March 10, 2014

islamization of Paris

Greatest Necessity for the Nation

In my humble opinion, the greatest necessity for the Nation is:
  • recapturing our schools to further American values: Christian tradition, exceptionalism. This implies cleaning out the Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood from the teacher's unions and the textbooks.
  • To counter "Civilizational Jihad" being waged against us. A few good steps would be:
    • Declare the Muslim Brotherhood a "terrorist organization" confiscate ALL their assets and imprison/deport all their leadership
    • Make energy independence a national priority in order to choke off the resources the hostile Middle Eastern governments use to fund Jihad against us.
  • To deal with the Marxist infiltration in the Universities by removing the tenure process from the hands of the Marxist professors, and establishing a "diversity" of political opinion on campus
  • To deal with the bias of the Press by licensing and access. Certainly "public service" in the media would mean that the Press should not be an advocacy of the Democratic Party and the President. It is unacceptable that the media should actually suppress news to protect Obama as they have done on the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals.


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