Monday, February 10, 2014

WSJ Opinion article Feb 8, 2014

Peggy Noonan wrote an article on the Metcalf Incident, which was an attack on a power substation in the Bay Area last April. She basically asked three questions:
  • Who would do such a thing and
  •  Why isn't the government looking for them?
  • What is the government doing to protect the power grid?
I can answer all three questions, but no one will want to deal with the answers:
  • Who is doing it?  Islamic Jihad groups that are forming and training in every Mosque in the country. There are around 3,000 mosques in the United States. And the trainers will be the men returning from the Jihad in Syria. These men are  the NCO backbone of a Muslim Jihad army forming right under our noses.  It has the goal of destroying our civilization and replacing it with an Islamic  Caliphate ruled by the Shari'a.
  • Why isn't the government looking for them?  The 4200 Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States have sold the American people on the notion that any defense against the Islamization is "racist, hateful, discriminatory, and Islamophobic"!   To even quote the Qur'an and its more vicious Suras triggers howls of outrage and retribution.  In short, no one in the government dare tell the truth about this! In short, the Muslim generated political correctness is paralyzing our instinct for self-preservation.
  • As far as the power grid's protection, it is impossible to put guards on the whole infrastructure. But it's not only the power grid: it is America itself: the airports (think Glasgow), and shopping malls, (think Nairobi) and schools (think Breslan). Nor is it necessary. 
 All we have to do is
  •  watch the Mosques, infiltrate the Jihad groups and take them down that way.
  •  the Imams who preach "death to America and death to the Jews" need to be imprisoned and/or deported.
  • The training camps should be shut down (like Islamburg in upper state New York)
  •  The young men returned from Syria need to be deported or imprisoned.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood and all its front groups need to be declared a Terrorist Organization and shut down, its assets confiscated.
In short, we need to follow our own doctrine as delineated in Field Manual 34-130 which states we need to start with the facts on the ground, and work backwards to who's doing what and why?  This process was short circuited by the Muslim Brotherhood years ago who told our leaders:
  •  "Oh, Islam has nothing to do with the violence, so you shouldn't even look at Islamic Doctrine! In fact if you do, it's 'racist' and 'discriminatory'.
  •  The violence is being caused by a small fringe group upset by American policies in the Middle East and
  • All you have to do is apologize to the Muslims for 'oppressing' them and 'discriminating' against them (meaning we're not allowing Muslims to impose the Shari'a on all of us)
  • Place more Muslims in key positions in DoD, FBI, CIA and DHS so they will feel more a part of American society.
All the above points are counter-factual, and we need to start over: the enemy is ISLAMIC JIHAD! Once we get that straight, the path to protecting American society, including the Power Grid, will finally be on track and will stop floundering.

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