Thursday, February 13, 2014

Centennial for "The Great War"

There will soon be a flurry of books, articles and media events about the "Great War to end all wars". The common view through the prism of our 21st Century biases is that the millions died in vain! But had the peacocks of the German military aristocracy prevailed, the development of Democracy and freedom would have been set back decades, if not centuries. But I think there have been more serious consequences.

Late in the 19th Century, Europe considered itself the most advanced civilization on earth. Imperialism was a responsibility to "uplift" the peoples of the earth. Talk of "the white man's burden" in Africa was common, and there was some benefit: health care advances, infrastructure, establishment of economic activity, such as mines and agriculture operations.

 But after the butchery of "The Great War", great self-doubt plagued the Western intellectuals. If we were so advanced, how could we have lapsed into such barbarism? This has led to the "cultural equivalency" conviction that so hobbles the West at the present time.

 But this has also led to other absurdities, such as scientific relativism, whereby intellectuals will posit that our view of the universe is no better than, say, the Hopi view.  Who knows? The Hopi belief that mankind came up through a hatch in the bottom of the Grand Canyon is "equivalent" and just as valid as our Big Bang theory, geology and evolution.

But this self loathing and self doubt in Western civilization is dangerous. It means no one thinks Western society worth defending! The Muslims are waiting in the wings to take advantage of this.

The Sunni salafists think long term. Jihad against the Kuffar (unbelievers) is eternal and universal, until Kufr (unbelief) has been expunged, and the earth and everything in it has been "restored" to Allah!   Jihad has  been quiet since 1683 with the exhaustion of Islamic society and its military technological disadvantage. But with the discovery of oil in these medieval kingdoms, the resources have revived their medieval goals. And noting moral confusion in the West, the Salafists have adjusted their tactics.

On one hand, the Salafists represented by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and their allies on the Left (who hate capitalist society and take for granted the liberty and prosperity which they need to thrive) preach multiculturalism and the erasure of Western identity. It demands that Western schools teach Arabic and Islamic culture, and a historical rewrite whitewash of  Islam and its contribution to Western civilization.

  Simultaneously, the OIC claims jurisdiction over the Islamic Communities in the West, and tends it carefully to maintain its "Islamic Identity" with Mosques, Imams, cultural centers. The Muslims have been at it since the 1960's and are right on track.

Overlaid on this is violent Jihad.  With the history of "The Great War" and its slaughter, Europe has not recovered, and cannot face violence and warfare again. With the commencement of Jihad in the early 1970's, the EU was quick to appease the Jihadis and their Southern tier Islamic national sponsors.   The EU has become "Dar al-Sul" or the "land of truce".

To qualify for "Dar al-Sul" the submitting peoples must:
  • Renegotiate the truce at least every 10 years.  The EU qualifies, since it has formed the "Alliance of Civilizations" and other international forums,  designed to help submit Europe to Islam with "cultural exchanges, scholarships, network associations, etc.
  • To pay tribute.  The EU qualifies with its billions of Euros in "development aid" to Islamic countries.
  • To do nothing to impede the spread of Islam in its lands. The EU qualifies here with the unrestricted flood of Civilizational Jihadist settlers, Mosque building and adoption and subordination of their laws to  the Shari'a.  The UK is a perfect example with its institution of blasphemy laws.
It's interesting to note that the EU, an unelected and elitist ruling class, have sold their citizens down the drain without their knowledge or permission.  Any protestations or objections  by those who  rightly point out that the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Judeo Christian culture have value and should be preserved and defended, are immediately branded as "xenophobic, racist, and Islamophobic". 

So that's the stark choice facing the peoples of the West. Those who do not think Western civilization is worth defending will be enslaved or butchered in accordance with Islamic historical precedent. Or they can fight! Either way, the status quo is going to perish.

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