Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Tolerance" and "Hate": are they an absolute evil?

The Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States are pushing for laws to "fight intolerance and hate"! Although this sounds like a good thing, let us drill down a bit and examine it:
  • Before you can say "hate" and "intolerance" are evil, you have to consider what it is we are being asked to approve of and be tolerant of. We read in Scripture Jesus being angry with the Pharisees for objecting to his healing on the Sabbath. So anger in and of itself is neither good or bad.
  • If we are supposed to tolerate evil, is this not an evil as well?  And now we see what the Muslims have in mind!
Muslim culture includes honor killing of female family members who "violate the family honor". This is NOT an old time rural aberration, but mainstream Islamic practice, to which dozens of honor killings in Islamic communities in the West attest.

Muslim doctrine calls for the killing of apostates and war against non-believers. This concept is "ishma" or "scholarly consensus" and NOT a fringe interpretation.

But the Muslims would try to tell the West that this is all "Islamic cultural peculiarity", that all cultures are equivalent, and we HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE!  And if we do, we are being "hateful", "intolerant" and "Islamophobic"!

The point of all this is: if a Muslim family in Dearborn MI cuts the throat of their teen-aged daughter for talking to a boy, we are NOT to object or disapprove! Got it?

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