Thursday, January 30, 2014

Equality in Action

One of the Progressive assumptions that underpins the push for "equality" is that wealth is a matter of "good fortune"... The President is always saying it: "those that are more 'fortunate' need to pay their fair share." Thus, the idea that sacrifice, hard work and diligence have anything to do with success and wealth is ridiculed! 

Those with ambition and work ethic, those who want to get ahead, (many times middle class white Christians) are the ones who DO succeed, who do get good jobs, who do start businesses and  build their futures.  But the welfare freeloaders dismiss all of it as "good fortune and unfair to them.".....

The Progressives MUST discount wealth creation as no more than hitting the lottery. Then, there's no opposition to taxing it all away for their vote buying social programs.  Nor will their constituency have to take responsibility for their failures economically.

If the welfare freeloaders quit school at 13 and get pregnant, sleep to noon, watch TV 6 hours a day, and are content to sponge off welfare, well, their economic plight is "just bad luck" and not their fault!

Their path to improving their situation is to march on the capital and demand your "fair share"!  After all, we are such a wealthy society, why shouldn't we just "spread the wealth around"?

The problem is, when the number of "takers" overwhelms the "producers" and destroys any incentives, it isn't long until everyone is at the subsistence  level, the only possible set point for "equality"..

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