Saturday, December 14, 2013


If we have a minority that constitutes 14% of the population, why are they depicted in 80% of the time in media ads, programs, magazines, billboards, websites?  Is their self esteem so fragile that they need continual assurance?

I had to laugh at the demand by their community leaders that "more children's TV Programs depict members of their minority for self esteem purposes".  Last I heard, self esteem is borne of real accomplishment, not school pep talks or seeing yourself on TV.  Maybe instead of watching TV for 5 hours a day, if there were more studying and completing homework and graduating from school, these children would develop some lasting self-esteem based on real accomplishment! As it stands, once they graduate as functional illiterates (social promotion so as not to damage their self esteem) and wind up unemployable, their phony pump up of self esteem quickly goes into the toilet!

But the reason that's a non-starter: it shatters the victimhood mentality.  We're at the bottom of the economic ladder because "whitey is keeping us down" they say.  Gee, I guess that means dropping out of school and getting pregnant at 13, doing drugs and gangs, getting involved in the criminal justice system  has nothing to do with your economic plight, right?  I guess that's why your leaders would have you believe you can improve your lot by marching on the capital instead of graduating from school and gaining a saleable skill.

Interesting that the "pick out knock out" game practiced by their young has become nation-wide. The ones apprehended state how much "they hate white people", yet the community leaders are silent. Only if people defend themselves, and the "pick out knock out" crew is taken down,  is there a howl about a "racist attack!"  Right! "Seventy five year old man makes racist attack on 6 young men!" As Wellington once said: "If you believe that, sir, you'll believe anything!"

Of course, the truths of what I say will trigger howls of "youze a waycist!"

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