Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brendt Bozell's address at Centennial Institute, Dec 9th, 2013

For the first time in history, the elderly media in the United States is suppressing news on the government. Their narrative is "our first black President HAS to succeed, and we will NOT divulge information that will damage his Presidency". The elderly media has ignored the following scandals:
  • Solyndra, where one of Obamba's fund raiser bundlers was given a loan of a half a billion dollars that was stolen!
  • Fast and Furious: where weapons were sold to the Mexican Cartels, hoping to create enough death and chaos that the administration could then say "oh, we need more drastic gun control legislation"! Trouble was, whistle blowers exposed the fact that it was the government itself that was creating the death and destruction!
  • Benghazi: where American citizens under attack by Al Qaeda elements were abandoned to die, even though the firefight to save them went on for 7 hours.
  • IRS and Federal Election Commission leaking information to left wing groups with the purpose of harassing Obama's political enemies. To have anti-Obama rhetoric on your site is enough to red flag you for auditing!  This is absolutely illegal, and the IRS Officials, such as Lois Lerner, know this full well!
More ominously, we the opposition are doing NOTHING to hold the Obama Administration accountable for these flagrant violations of the law.  Rep John Bohner, purposely ignored by the elderly media, assumes that since he can't get any Press Conference traction there is no point in pressing forward with any investigations!

But the reality is, the elderly press is losing audience and influence by double digit amounts on an annual basis. We can and should muster millions in the social media on these issues!  We can muster more people than ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN combined! But Bohner hasn't a clue!  And it is jeopardizing our very democracy! We can't have an obsolescent leadership who is stuck in "wheeze wheeze, we need to get the mailings out and buy another TV ad!"

The totalitarian instinct of those in power is dangerous, especially if they feel no one is holding them accountable. When you think of how slight an infraction brought Nixon down in 1972, how much more egregious are the dozens of violations committed by the Obama Administration!   Yet nothing is being done!

The step from having the IRS audit your enemies to having the ATF arrest them an place them in concentration camps in the desert is a very small one! Maybe our progressive friends chortle "you conservative assholes deserve it since you don't care about the poor".  But if Obama is intent on becoming the first Hugo Chavez style dictator of the United States, they need to remember that dictators turn on every other center of influence other than themselves!  Review the Stalinist purges of the 1930's where the show trials eliminated all the old party faithful!

Our freedoms and democracy depend on replacing Bohner and putting in a leadership that understands the technological communications revolution that has taken place.

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