Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Evening Briefing

We had an Arab Journalist who gave us a fascinating view of the situation here in Israel. He faults the UN and the West for exacerbating the problems;
  • UNWRA has created 5th generation "refugees". Their jobs depend on keeping the Palestinians in this position, so they have no real incentive to help people move on with their lives
  • The EU and the WEst have funded Arafat with Billions of dollars with no accountability. So it's no surprise that:
    •  He's funded 60 militias in Samaria
    • His widow has $2 Bn in her bank accounts
    • That corruption and bad government reign
  • When he points these sorts of things out to Western Journalists, he's accused of being in the pay of the Israeli government!
His extended family in Gaza include HAMAS members. When he told them he was going to the US to speak at Universities, his Hamas relative said "Aren't you scared? American Universities are dangerous!"
  • Most of the Palestinan support groups on campus are all these beards in cameoflage who
    •  have never been in harm's way
    • who often times are not even Muslim
    • who have never been to the Middle East
  • They go on and on about the destruction of Israel. He asked them "OK, but what are you going to do for the Palestinians? Are you going to teach the children English? Are you going to assure Palestinian Authority govens well, develops infrastructure and collects the garbage?" They look at him like he's come from the moon.

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