Sunday, October 6, 2013

Settlements in Samaria

5 OCT 2013

Off to the Dead Sea with a stop at the Mt of Olives.Taking the laptop with me 5o see  how this works. So far, skype is the only thing that works.

Passing the King David Hotel: South wing blown up by Hagganah in 1946. They warned the British to minimize the loss of life, but many didn’t take it seriously. The city has basically shut down for Sabbat. All streets vacant.  No one is driving their car: all streets are vacant.

Suliman the Magnificent rebuilt the city walls of the old city in the 15th Century.  Mt Scopus where armies massed to assault Jerusalem. Home of Hebrew University and a Hospital even though they couldn’t use it fro 19 years.


Arab section of Jerusalem.  Cemeteries desecrated by Arabs.


View of Temple Mount.  Caskets on the surface, the Dome of the Rock in the background. The Eastern gate is blocked by being bricked shut and  a Muslim cemetery in front of it. The Muslims have done this to keep the Messiah from coming. The Muslims think that the Messiah cannot walk through a cemetery. But only the Priestly cannot have anything to do with the dead. They are the Cohens, and the Messiah is of the House of David. Also, getting through tomb doors and locked upper room doors, the Muslim strategy of impeding the Messiah may not be valid.


We visited this Israeli settlement in Samaria yesterday. It’s 15 miles due east of Tel Aviv,  almost 175 mm Long Tom range. Lt is a bright pleasant clean neighborhood located on several hill tops.





But you can see Natanya on the north to Ashdod on the south. Israel would only be 9 miles wide,which is undefensible. A 16 year old with a stinger could shut down the Ben Gurion air pattern. So  Israel  cannot give it back to please John Kerry and his  “take a chance for peace” land swap.

It just means John Kerry and his President either don’t understand Islamic  Doctrine, or are complicit in the “Israel Demise Process”.

View West from Alfe Maneshe


Malyl Demym:

Settlement east of Jerusalem. More than 20,000 people have lived here for over 40 years. It’s  a city with synagogues, shopping , theaters, etc.  The Israelis created this from nothing! For the Arabs to want it “back” is BS. There was nothing there when the Arabs controlled it.


Bedouin have an absolute loyalty to their tribe. The honor system is paramount, with revenge right at the top. 

300 meters below sea level.  Moses buried on Mt Nebo. Jericho located 820 feet below sea level. Hotel and casino built by Austrian interests. Aman only ½ hour away. No Jews in Aman. Petra interesting.  Jordan river dead ends in the Dead Sea.  Lots of date palms, but smell of rotten eggs.


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