Monday, October 7, 2013

Notes on the Address of Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism

Talking Points:
  • Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the historic home of the Jewish people. The calls by the Arabs to establish a Palestinian state and make Jerusalem its capital is nonsense.
    • For one thing, for the PLO to negotiate at all makes them "traitors" to the Palestinian cause! Abu Makmood depends on IDF escorts to protect him from his own people.
    • John Kerry dragging him to the conference table (or the US would cut off the funds) puts him in an embarrassing position! The plan is to negotiate for 9 months, say to his people "The Jews don't want peace because they wouldn't give me 100% of my demands!" and start a face-saving Third Intifada. So John Kerry is making things worse.
    • For Obama to talk about returning the settlements is right out of left field. The PLO has never asked for such things! And in looking at the "settlements", which are basically attractive neighborhoods built where there was nothing before, there is no way the Israelis are going to give them back. There are thousands of people living in them now.
    • Nor should they, because the terrain is strategic high ground that would cripple Israel should it fall into Hamas hands. And the PLO is weak and discredited: were it granted concessions, Hamas would take over in a matter of days.
  • The Sunni Muslims are in the process of establishing a global Caliphate. Nation states are being eliminated. So the notion that there will ever be a peace loving good neighbor Palestinian State "if Israel would just take a chance for peace" and give up just a little more land is deception!  This was tried in Lebanon in 2000 and in Gaza in 2005. 
  • The 1967 lines that Obama calls for are the "Auschwitz Lines" as far as Israel is concerned.
  • Think about the Shari'a Law the Muslims wish to implement:
    • A collapse of human values with the abuse of women, homosexuals, Christians and Jews
    • No regard for human rights or the sanctity of life
    • Corruption and oppression
  • IRAN:
    • Developing ICBM capability to hit the US and Europe with nuclear weapons
    • //comment: the Obama administration thinks it can "live" with a nuclear Iran: after all, did we not do so with the Soviet Union?  They are failing to grasp the religious ideology of martyrdom, even at the national level! (Oh, but I forgot the secularists "don't do the God thing!")
    • Sponsor of Jihad, even of their arch enemy the Sunni Jihad groups
    • They have 18,000 centrifuges
    • Current negotiations are only to lift sanctions to take the heat off the leadership, but there will be no cessation of the nuclear program.
    • Blatant assassination attempts by IRGC outside the borders of Iran
  • Israel:
    • An island of stability, prosperity and transparent democracy in the Middle East. Israel is the best and most logical ally in the Middle East.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Settlements in Samaria

5 OCT 2013

Off to the Dead Sea with a stop at the Mt of Olives.Taking the laptop with me 5o see  how this works. So far, skype is the only thing that works.

Passing the King David Hotel: South wing blown up by Hagganah in 1946. They warned the British to minimize the loss of life, but many didn’t take it seriously. The city has basically shut down for Sabbat. All streets vacant.  No one is driving their car: all streets are vacant.

Suliman the Magnificent rebuilt the city walls of the old city in the 15th Century.  Mt Scopus where armies massed to assault Jerusalem. Home of Hebrew University and a Hospital even though they couldn’t use it fro 19 years.


Arab section of Jerusalem.  Cemeteries desecrated by Arabs.


View of Temple Mount.  Caskets on the surface, the Dome of the Rock in the background. The Eastern gate is blocked by being bricked shut and  a Muslim cemetery in front of it. The Muslims have done this to keep the Messiah from coming. The Muslims think that the Messiah cannot walk through a cemetery. But only the Priestly cannot have anything to do with the dead. They are the Cohens, and the Messiah is of the House of David. Also, getting through tomb doors and locked upper room doors, the Muslim strategy of impeding the Messiah may not be valid.


We visited this Israeli settlement in Samaria yesterday. It’s 15 miles due east of Tel Aviv,  almost 175 mm Long Tom range. Lt is a bright pleasant clean neighborhood located on several hill tops.





But you can see Natanya on the north to Ashdod on the south. Israel would only be 9 miles wide,which is undefensible. A 16 year old with a stinger could shut down the Ben Gurion air pattern. So  Israel  cannot give it back to please John Kerry and his  “take a chance for peace” land swap.

It just means John Kerry and his President either don’t understand Islamic  Doctrine, or are complicit in the “Israel Demise Process”.

View West from Alfe Maneshe


Malyl Demym:

Settlement east of Jerusalem. More than 20,000 people have lived here for over 40 years. It’s  a city with synagogues, shopping , theaters, etc.  The Israelis created this from nothing! For the Arabs to want it “back” is BS. There was nothing there when the Arabs controlled it.


Bedouin have an absolute loyalty to their tribe. The honor system is paramount, with revenge right at the top. 

300 meters below sea level.  Moses buried on Mt Nebo. Jericho located 820 feet below sea level. Hotel and casino built by Austrian interests. Aman only ½ hour away. No Jews in Aman. Petra interesting.  Jordan river dead ends in the Dead Sea.  Lots of date palms, but smell of rotten eggs.


Sunday Evening Briefing

We had an Arab Journalist who gave us a fascinating view of the situation here in Israel. He faults the UN and the West for exacerbating the problems;
  • UNWRA has created 5th generation "refugees". Their jobs depend on keeping the Palestinians in this position, so they have no real incentive to help people move on with their lives
  • The EU and the WEst have funded Arafat with Billions of dollars with no accountability. So it's no surprise that:
    •  He's funded 60 militias in Samaria
    • His widow has $2 Bn in her bank accounts
    • That corruption and bad government reign
  • When he points these sorts of things out to Western Journalists, he's accused of being in the pay of the Israeli government!
His extended family in Gaza include HAMAS members. When he told them he was going to the US to speak at Universities, his Hamas relative said "Aren't you scared? American Universities are dangerous!"
  • Most of the Palestinan support groups on campus are all these beards in cameoflage who
    •  have never been in harm's way
    • who often times are not even Muslim
    • who have never been to the Middle East
  • They go on and on about the destruction of Israel. He asked them "OK, but what are you going to do for the Palestinians? Are you going to teach the children English? Are you going to assure Palestinian Authority govens well, develops infrastructure and collects the garbage?" They look at him like he's come from the moon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Last Day in Polska

Had a pretty good day: presented in the morning, comparing article 19 of the UDHR with the Cairo Dec Article 10, showing their absolute incompatibility. Then I recommended to the OSCE to reexamine the documents and decide how in the world they could build a North South Mediterranean culture when the values of Islam are so contrary to the European concept of Civil Rights?

Shabbat at the Wall


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