Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday 24 Sept at the OSCE

The Russian groups and the Latvians seem to be in a pissing contest. We are thinking the alleged "persecution" of minority Russian rights may be used as an excuse for the Russians to intervene and reacquire the Baltic States again for the Russian Federation.

A side event yesterday on "hate speech" yielded some scary aspects. An American attorney and a British Police official kept referring to "the problem of the American First Amendment".  Their view is that it's the State's responsibility to "protect" the 8 million Muslims in the UK.

When Lee Rigby was beheaded by Michael Abajio (I think that was his name) he announced why he beheaded the man. He referred to Q2:191 - 193, 216 on video with bloody hands holding his butcher knife. 

Yet when bloggers stated these facts on Face Book, they were arrested for "hate speech".  The British Police Official at the side event justified the arrests, saying the people were "haters and bigots" and Islam "had nothing to do with it". So the truth is now "hate speech". It was appalling to see willful blindness in action!

So much of the effort here is against "neo-Naziism", especially among the young people in Belorusse and the Ukraine. But compared to the Muslim Brotherhood's activities, I can't think the threats are equivalent. My guess is such events in the Ukraine are more like motorcycle rallies, where people like to wear black leather covered with skulls and crossbones and that's it.

The attacks in Nairobi now involve the American and Israeli Special Ops resources. Of course

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