Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sept 28th

I expressed scorn concerning the President negotiating with the Iranians. But a European friend of mine said "but do you want another 500 years of war? "   

Most westerners are unaware of what a "truce" means in Islamic Doctrine: it's based on the Treaty of Hudabyah.  Muhammad made the treaty with the Qurash for 10 years because his Muslim band wasn't strong enough to take them on. But after 2 years Muhammad broke the treaty and the Qurash surrendered Makkah to him rather than fight.

Thus, the ideology of a treaty with non-Muslims is only temporary. We've spoken befor of the dar al-Salim vs. the dar al-Harb. But there's a third classification, the dar al-Sulh. This is the land under treaty with the Muslims.  Part of the deal to be in the dar al-Sulh is:
  • The treaty has to be renegotiated every 10 years
  • The non-Muslims must pay tribute
  • THe non-Muslims can do nothing to impede Islam in its own land.
  • The Treaty can be broken by Muslims when advantageous to do so for them.
Western Europe and the EU are basically "dar al-Sulh":
  • They meet with the OIC periodically to set forth agreements
  • They give billions to the "Mediterranean" countries in "development aid" (translate: Tribute)
  • Western Europe has been flooded with Muslim immigrants and Mosque building. Criticism of Islam is woefully politically incorrect .
  • The EU leaders mistakenly believe this will spare Europe the violent Jihad. They are sadly mistaken.
My European friend is sadly suffering from a severe case of ignorance of Islmic Doctrine and wishful thinking.

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