Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Highlights on Tuesday at the OSCE

At the "Hate Speech" side event Monday, the British Police officer commented that "States grant rights, and the State can do what it needs to do to protect the 8 million Muslims in Britain". Thus, when Lee Rigby was beheaded by Michael Abajio, (sorry about the spelling), those who commented about the event on Face Book were arrested and jailed as "bigots and haters". Yet the comments were factually accurate.  The killer, holding the bloddy butcher knife, announced that the reason he did what he did was that he was commanded to do so by Q2:191 - 193.  But telling the truth has become "hate speech".  One can begin to appreciate our concept of "inalienable rights granted to us by the creator".

There was an American lawyer on the panel as well who kept referring to "the problem of the First Amendment". It is a fair warning to all of us that the Constitution and the rights we have enjoyed is under attack.

Another comment on the Rabat Plan of Action (RPA): one of the 6 tests was "emminence, though the violence may not have taken place".  It boils down to this: if the authorities think you MAY say something that MAY cause violence, that IS hate speech and you can be arrested! It basically is the "battered wife syndrome" becoming law: if the abusing husband says to his wife "if you say it, I will slap your face" and she DOES say it and he DOES slap her, the abusing husband will say to the wife "you caused the violence!" 

is the reasoning behind Islam threatening those who "insult Islam".  Even if I am telling the truth, and have the Constitutional right to speak, the Muslims would hold your saying such things is "incitement to violence" (their violence) and should therefore be banned as "hate speech".  Sadly, more and more Progressives are buying off on this view.

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