Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Media

free media essential to free speech. Too many countries have imprisoned journalists.

Astrid Thors  Hi Commissioner on National Minorities

Howling microphone an obstacle.  This meeting important to review the progress on the Committments. There is a record amount of side events. Best practices important. During the working session, the right to education and participation and linguistic rights of national minorities.

Preceeding High Commissioners have built a good rapport with the Participating States. Face of change is rapid and will have impact of our work. Digital age and prioritization of the media technology.

Importance of working with young people and their attitude in diversity important. Roma and Scinti with the Jewish community, action plan to be held in November. Violation of human rights has been key to conflict. Identify roots of tension.

Kulkuloglu from Turkey. Taking back OSCE principles to our continent. Parliamentary Assembly: cooperation with not just member states but also the ODHIR. Committments to democracy and human rights.  OSCE and Parliamentary Assembly freedom of assembly. if denied the rest of the rights are lost. Freedom of Assembly and tolerance. Istambul Process to combat Islamophobia.  Make schools inclusive. Balance in history and religious studies. New educational materials to challenge intolerance. Islamophobia must be challenged.

LGBT denial of fundamental freedoms. End to discrimination. Syria crisis. Turkey will support those in need.

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