Monday, September 23, 2013

First Session of the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting

Opening Statements from OSCE Officers

Meetings essential to further Human Rights. NGO's  help democracy, human rights and rule of law. International Organizations are important, but so do other mechanisms of NGO's.  Discussions have NOT led to consensus. Freedom of Assembly, right to a fair trial needs to be improved.
The OSCE is helping build institutions to further

Amb Prokocopchuk of the Ukraine. Dignity of the individual a legitimate concern of all participants.
Committments to this human dimension crucil. HDIM took place in Warsaw 20 years ago. Discuss wide range of issues, emerging challenges and best practices. Civil society partricipation , NGO's enrich the discussion.

Ukraine media freedom, human trafficing, interreligious dialogue, freedom of assembly and freedom of movement. policy solutions and legal framework for discussion of media freedom.

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