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Discussions Over Dinner at the JP Apart Hotel, PL

Discussions over dinner, Sunday Sept 22, 2013 Warsaw,

Dumbing down of American education. Today’s highschool grad couldn’t pass 8th Grade tests from 40 years ago.

Diana West:

The reason Horowitz attacked her is that he didn’t want his complicity in the damage done to America by the American communists, of which he was one. Good movie on Communism: “The Lives of Others” about the Stazi.

We noted how the Communist agenda has gone from Red to green: most of the ecogroups are run by the old hard lefties. The only reason Facists are called “right wing” was because Mussolini wanted to differentiate himself from all the Communist movements active in Italy at the time.

The financial collapse In America in 2008 was an engineered attack having to do with Arab oil money, sovereign wealth funds, black pools and naked short selling. There are books on the subject.

The QE’s have been designed to destroy the dollar. It started with the Clinton “Community Reinvestment Act which mandated lenders give home loans to minorities who could not afford them. A term : “Jedi loans”. Lenders had to lend to Mexicans who would come up from Mexico with

·         No citizenship

·         No job

·         No income

·         Then the borrower would get a “home improvement loan” for $50,000 more, buy a pickup truck, empty the new house of all appliances, furnaces, microwave ovens, load them into the pickup truck and go back to Mexico and NEVER MAKE A SINGLE  PAYMENT!

·         If the lenders refused to make such loans, community organizer lawyers like the President would sue the lenders to force them to do so.

·         Yet the government puts out the narrative that the financial crisis was caused by “greedy lenders” and omits mention of any governmental role in the fiasco.

One thing we hear is “but the people who were in charge of this are “nice men”! But “nice men” have the duty to be competent.  If you’re incompetent and making decisions, that is MALFEASANCE!

Obama’s people are “post modern leftists” for whom there are no facts or truth, so their role is only to use government power to enforce their narratives. But we are getting a “shearing action” or reality dislocation.

Frankfort school or long time Marxists wound up at Berkeley and Columbia University.

We can’t say our leaders are incompetent idiots, treasonous, Marxists or Muslims.  Printing money, NFL football and cheap food keep the populace complacent.


1979 + or – 15 months:

·         Beginning of the Muslim 15th Century

·         Heralded the takeover of the Grand Mosque, forcing Saudi Arabia to tow the Wahabbist line

·         Fall of Afghanistan to Russians and start of the Jihad

·         SI Malik’s “Qur’anic View of War” was published

·         Edward Said’s “orientalism” was published. It’s principal message is “the West cannot possibly know about Islam without being from the Middle East. You can only know about Islam what we tell you!”

·         Important book: “A Mosque in Munich”

1988 – 1991 The Lugano Document ties to the Explanatory Memorandum. What we need to look at is the  links to all these documents that all stem from the Muslim Brotherhood.  Then we should notice the different phases of implementation .

Qaradawi being kicked out of Qatar is a big deal! It shows the Muslim Brotherhood has lost favor in some quarters in the Middle East. Egypt is the main show for the Muslim Brotherhood currently.

Comment on why Junior Officers are so different from Generals in the American Army: it is the Post Modern Narrative that is being used in the Command and General Staff schools. They have convoluted scenarios where you have to base decisions on presumptions and suppositions. “If a butterfly flapping its wings in India can affect the weather in the Caribbean, how can you expect me to plan an attack on the Taliban tomorrow?”

The assumptions of commanders are becoming the Facts for subordinates: the buzz words are chaos theory. And here is where the Muslim Brotherhood is injecting itself into the picture. 

People are translating this to “complexity theory”.  You ask a question, they answer “it’s complicated!” Everyone is reading “The Black Swan”, et al.  To get your PhD in this area, you have to Invent stuff! The “Certainty of unknowability”. It started with Hegel in the 1830’s and got married to Darwinism. So people are confusing the political fiction with the science.

We have a problem with the Government taking the prejudice of the Southern Poverty Law Center against conservative groups at face value.  These days, to speak out against Islam labels you a “right wing fascist”!  Theo Van Gough, killed by Muslims in 2004 on the streets of Amsterdam, was a leftie gadfly!

When you speak out against Islam, the community will either say they need “balance” or “it’s a matter of interpretation”.  You brief an official about some vicious aspects of the Shari’a.   He says “let’s get some balance. Let’s bring in Fatima, my Muslim Community advisor”.  And she says “well, that’s not ‘my Islam’!”  So, an emotional opinion is weighed against facts!

Dialogue with Muslims:

Dialogue is an Alinskyite word designed to paralyze the opposition.  So while the Bishop is “dialoguing” with the Imam, the Imam’s enforcers are killing Christians! So rather than the dialogue making things better, it’s actually giving the Jihad groups legitimacy while they are killing you!

The OIC claims sovereignty over the Muslims living in Western countries, which violates their national sovereignty.  And if western countries enforce blasphemy laws (the Shari’a) for the benefit of the OIC, this is in fact enforcing foreign law on your own citizens. And if there is a conflict between the Shari’a and their own laws, the Western Governments SHOULD BE DEFENDING these laws and rights, NOT abrogating them to the OIC!



 out by the New English review: “Sir Walter Scotts Crusades” by Ibn Warrack ISBN 978 0 9884778 5 8

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