Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACT 1360 Meeting recap

Victor O gave a presentation on Nigeria and the Jihad of the Boko Haram taking place there.
First he gave a run down about Nigeria: size of Texas, 175 million people, a country of great wealth: oil, natural resources. Victor shared with us the tribal make up of the country, seven or eight different tribes, and the fact there are more than 500 local languages.

He gave a brief history of the region: colonized by the British, and how they ruled the north indirectly through the Sheiks and the Emirs, but in the south they ruled directly. Nigeria gained independenc in 1960.  There was a civil war from 1967 to 1971 when the Ibo tribe in the southeast tried to break away into their own country (Biafra).

Yet as a developing country, the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the corrupt ruling elite rather than being used to create massive wealth for the entire population. This is why Victor is here rather than in Nigria: more opportunity.

The Boko Haram consists of outsiders, financed more than likely by the Arab Sheiks. They operate  throughtout the country, but most of the attacks have been in the north eastern provinces where Muslims are predominant.

The Boko Haram are currently seeking a truce and "forgiveness": absolutely a Hudabayah style temporary truce until they can grow stronger and take down the country. This is the ONLY kind of truce available under Islamic Doctrine.

As far as Syria is concerned:

The Saudis want to run a pipeline through Syria to bring natual gas to Qatar and sell to Europe. This would be competition for the Russians, who currently are the sole suppliers of gas to Western Europe and have Western Europeans "by the balls".  The Russians also have the largest naval base in the Mediterranean in Syria, a home to 52 Russian ships.

And since the Syrians told the Saudis they would not allow the pipeline, the Saudis retaliated by starting the "Syrian Free Army" jihad revolution to take down the Assad regime.

Victor's presentation ended with a display of Pope Francis' call for Peace in Syria. His remark that "violence only begets violence" seems to forget that WW II was violent and resulted in the destruction of Nazi Germany, which would NOT have been brought down any other way.

Pope Francis's view might be understandable, since the Pope is from Argentina, which basically sat out WW II and benefitted from both sides trying to buy influence.  But it did provoke outrage with some of the meeting's attendees.

One lady expressed outrage as to how "we could allow the monsters to kill children in Syria".  The assumption here is the United States is the enforcer of Western Values around the world. This is the attitude that gets us into trouble. In this case, although without a doubt children have been killed and gas has been used, who did these things is the issue.

 It's more than likely the Syrian Rebel Jihadis, funded by the Saudis, are the ones who did. The pictures presented of the bodies, with  the "casualties" all lying in neat rows in clean sheets, no families or physicians present, seem as staged as the Gaza al Dura hoax in Sept 2000 .  But the clincher was the "crying 12 year old", absolutely designed to manipulate the Kuffar into using his own blood and treasure to jumpstart the Sunni Caliphate.

The Syrian ruling elite is a minority: as a result, they protect the OTHER minorities in Syria. This includes the various Christian sects, such as the Malakites, the Chaldeans, the Latin Rite Catholics, and all the rest. You're talking about maybe 1.5 million people here! So even if the Sunni Jihadis show you phony pictures of dead children and crying 12 year olds, the bloodshed, if they were to take over, would be ten times worse!

 They would butcher ALL the minorities as they are trying to do in Egypt. Burning 60 to 90 Coptic Churches in July, the atrocities in the Christian villages in Syria that the "Syrian Free Army" Jihadis control should be indication enough of what they would do in Syria as a whole.

My prediction is that the President will blame Congress for witholding approval for the strike, trying to say how "congress is allowing the Assad regime to get away with war crimes!"  

The main problem is the administration's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the outrage of letting them set our policies in the Middle East. We need a change in leadership: a leader who upholds the Constitution as per the Oath of Office, NOT a leader who supports Jihad against us.

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