Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tolerance and Hate

It is absurd to consider either "Tolerance" or "Hate" as virtues or evils in absolute terms. You have to ask in what context they are being used.

The Muslims like to preach "Tolerance" and multiculturalism as they infiltrate our country. They use multiculturalism as an excuse for having no intention of assimilating into American society. And as they continue their outrages they try to shame us for "intolerance", as if tolerance were a virtue in and of itself!

But Honor Killings, rape gangs, treating women as chattel, all common in Islamic society, should NOT be tolerated in this country! Determined intolerance of such behavior is fully justified!  Cordoning off sections of American Cities as "Muslim Only No Go Zones", as is happening in places like Memphis TN and Dearborne MI is unacceptable! Allowing the Muslims to build a parallel society along with ours is dangerous! It destroys our equality before the law if Muslims are only subject to their own Shari'a Law, as they now claim in the UK. In fact, there are hundreds of Shari'a Courts in London and areas where British Law no longer apply!

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