Friday, August 30, 2013

Note to SecOfState Swift Boat Kerry

To the Editors: If the Administration is so worried about saving lives, why don't they address the persecution of minority Christian groups in Islamic lands, such as Egypt, (the Copts) and Catholics in Pakistan, Caldean Christians in Iraq, etc? The Muslims have burned 60 to 90 churches in Egypt in the last month alone! As far as dead children are concerned, the Syrian rebels are perfectly capable of killing them themselves if they thought it would induce the Americans to intervene and spend blood and treasure bailing out the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood effort to take over Syria. The Syrian rebels are already butchering Christian villages in areas of Syria they control! Just think what they would do to the 1.5 million Christians who live in Syria as a whole! It means that far from "saving lives for humanitarian purposes" our intervention would condemn to death millions of innocent Christians who would now be at the mercy of the Salafist Sunni Jihadists, whom the President supports. Dave Petteys Roxborough Park CO 720 922 9092

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