Sunday, August 18, 2013

Israel's Right to Exist, a new perspective

Many Dhimmi progressives in the West side with the Arabs and deny Israel's right to exist. Maybe they think the Arabs will love them if they do! Or in the case of the EU, the deal may be "if we support you against Israel, then maybe you'll take your Jihad elsewhere".  (We can see how well that's worked with the London bombings on 7/7/2007, or the Madrid bombings, etc.) There is also a view that the conflict is geographical, and "peace" can be achieved if we would but twist Israeli arms to give up just a little more land: to "take a chance for peace". (But they withdrew from Gaza in August 2005, and look what that brought them!)

Back up for a moment: understand the big picture. Muslims divide the world into dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb, the lands not ruled by Islam. This dar al-Harb triggers an obligation to wage Jihad within the Islamic community. The obligation exists just as long as dar al-Harb exists!  This is a "Jihad view of the world".

 When a land is conquered by Islam, the surviving inhabitants become "Dhimmis" a legally defined underclass, subservient to the Islamic rulers.

Jews are, basically, a rebellious Dhimmi people that have recovered their ancestral homeland that had been Islamized by Jihad in the seventh century. This is illegal under Islamic Jurisprudence, and must be punished.

Therefore, if you deny Israel's right to overthrow the Jihad and recover their sovereignty, then you validate the Jihad view of the world. And if you do that, then you deny our own right to exist, because we in  the West are just as much a part of the dar al-Harb as the Israelis!

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